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Kids by Larry Clark turns 20

the best moments of the movie in polaroids

Kids by Larry Clark turns 20 the best moments of the movie in polaroids

Yesterday night at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) there was a special projection for the 20 years of Kids, the cult movie by Larry Clark destined to change the history of adolescence movies forever.

The elements which contributed to the success of the movie were – besides the brutal realism of the sequences – the two female protagonists. Chloe Sevigny and Rosario Dawson, cast during his street castings along New York, were two young girls totally unknown who turned icons of the American independent movie scene right after. Yesterday, after twenty years, they still looked amazing and Clark was for sure very proud of himself.

Kids demonstrated that cinema is more effective if it depicts scenes of real life and that it is not necessary to have a big budget in order to make a successful movie.

Clark’s film actually did more: it lead a whole generation to think over thorny themes like sexually transmitted deseases and drugs, and made us emotional looking at the pure and deep feelings lived through the eyes of 16 year-old guys.

On the occasion of Kids 20th anniversary, we go back to the most outstanding moments of the movie through the original polaroids shot by Clark while the movie was shot:


#1 the portrait of the skaters of NY

#2 the swimming pool party at night

#3 Jennie's HIV test

#4 the rave party

#5 the after party at Steven's place