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Hattie Stewart

Professional Doodler

Hattie Stewart Professional Doodler

Raise your hand if you had the temptation to mess with baby magazines and newspapers or anything that came to hand , drawing horns, teeth and whiskers blacks at full blast . The main difference between all of us and Hattie Stewart is that she has made her passion for scribbling his work. A name that has become synonymous with the passage of time animations brazen and successful collaborations .

From magazine covers the most important , just to name a few - garage magazine , anothermag , iD and interview- the windows of shops, Hattie depopulated after a while even the Olympus of fashion , working with Nasty GalUrban Outfitters e Marc by Marc Jacobs right for to re- name a few. Because our dear Hattie does not stop at nothing , just a few pen super colorful and a little ' imagination to create the illustrations that go beyond the limit always , through pop influences in style and Keith Haring poster punk 70s. We are just crazy about her works. Enjoy!