Maria Martin is the protagonist of this new chapter of inhabit. Made in Germany, she combines in her creations the thousand experiences of life, the tradition of design and the new graphic techniques.


Maria Martin

inhabit #20 - Maria Martin Wherever the people I love are, that is the place where I can feel a little bit at home | Image 0

My home is where my heart is...

Not everybody can decide where to live, but most of them can design their own living space. I think that everybody has a dream in their head about how to inhabit a place. There are 1000 ways and more to design a living space. My home is my castle and means to me a hideaway where I feel safe.

In western societies the living space is like a third skin. So I feel it too. But I think that, wherever the people I love are, that is the place where I can feel a little bit at home.

In my flat with my boyfriend are many plants, because I need nature in my immediate surroundings. Furthermore, I love to have animals around me. At the moment we live together with two cats: Azreal and Bernd. I hope that we can move in a house with a garden, soon.


Maria Martin is a freelance illustrator and graphic artist from Würzburg. Her focus is on illustration, graphic design, editorial and book design. She takes inspiration from life, travels and bizarre encounters and create  unique work by fusing traditional drawing techniques with digital technology.


IG @ma._mind