Josh Cochran is an illustrator living in Brooklyn and he's the protagonist of inhabit #19. The drawing from his sketchbook is the representation of what does "home" means to him.

Josh Cochran 


inhabit #19 - Josh Cochran A break from the chaos of the outside world | Image 0

This is a drawing from my sketchbook of various objects found in my apartment. Home is a place where I can relax and take a break from the busyness and chaos of the outside world. I like to find objects that have memories or special, personal meanings attached to them. This piece was done on my couch just observing and drawing immediate (also from memory) things around me.


Josh Cochran specializes in bright, dense and conceptual drawings. His work spans a variety of media including large scale mural installations and children's books. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.


IG @joshcochran