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Diesel presents its second Red Tag Project

A range created by Glenn Martens

Diesel presents its second Red Tag Project A range created by Glenn Martens

The Diesel incubator platform presented its second edition in Milan, featuring modified and revised versions of must have created by the Belgian designer.

On June 18th in Milan Diesel presented its second installment of the Red Tag Project, curated by the designer Glenn Martens (Y / Project). The Red Tag Project is a revolutionary platform designed to host influential and globally recognized designers, in charge of creating capsule collections that will be distributed exclusively by select stores. The Red Tag Project debut earlier this year, with the first edition curated by Shayne Oliver, of Hood By Air.

"This collection is based on Diesel's slogans, in particular, Go With The Flaw. I thought it was very strong and recognizable, "says Martens of his capsules. "I wanted a collection full of imperfections - that everyone could manage in their own way, to make every piece right for themselves. The pieces are inspired by the basic garments of the wardrobe, but there are conscious errors, such as the hem of a skirt or the waistline of a jacket, being seven sizes smaller than the garment produced. Even the seams are buttoned, so you have to get in and out of the garment. In a sense, the collection is effectively devoid of both size and gender discrimination.” Glenn Martens

The Martens range includes drop crotch trousers, deformed jackets, voluminous shearling jackets and is distinguished from start to finish by a unique demonstration of denim play and manipulation. Martens has become known for his Y / Project aesthetic, in which the formal meets streetwear, and has applied his vision to the unique position of Diesel, as a denim pioneer.

"Glenn comes from a Belgian formation, so he has this practical-but-surreal sense, at Margiela. But then it is also young and modern, and knows how to please a global and educated consumer, being simultaneously able to experiment with denim" says Renzo Rosso, founder of Diesel.

The Red Tag Project by Glenn Martens was presented on a staircase with grids, on multiple levels, at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan. The installation included six models per level, in four ascending rows. The set up was set up so that it was possible to see every look once. The simple industrial structure is also served by a unique and clean frame to show the Martens models.

The lookbook for the capsule was photographed by the artist Hans Eijkelboom, whose work is best known through his book, People of the Twenty-First Century. The concept of Eijkelboom concerns the connection of a heterogeneous group of people through a key element, which is exactly the goal of the Martens capsule collection; connect different individuals through the versatility of the garment.