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inhabit #18 - Ferro

He knows where’s the light, to turn it on

inhabit #18 - Ferro He knows where’s the light, to turn it on

Ferro, from Montsià in Catalonia is the protagonist of inhabit #18. His illustration tells us what is the true meaning of "home" for him.


With eyes closed, moves like on ice. Tightrope walker. It’s all dark outside, and he’s sleeping deeply. Fearless, tries it awake. Can’t see the end of the cable, but knows where’s the light, to turn it on.


Ferro (Montsià, 1992) graduated in Fine arts from the University of Barcelona, combines his daily survival activity with a fictional illustrator and comic-book artist career. His work has been mainly published in non-official magazines, like Oiga Mira: mañana (2014), Sacrificio (2014), Belice (2015), Migas (2015), Arròs Negre (2017) and others, having attended different national festivals with NIMIO (2015-2017), winner of the Best National fanzine award in the International Barcelona's Comic Festival 2016. He’s currently part of the collective Buixa-Dibruixa, together with Luna Pan, in which he's drawing the serial The Brown Owl’s Song (2016-2017), and the webcomic Rough Jean Turtlenecks (2017).


Twitter https://twitter.com/ferro_colat