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Collages by Fabio Monizio

Il giusto compromesso tra caos e armonia

Collages by Fabio Monizio Il giusto compromesso tra caos e armonia


 A thousand times we made mental trips by listening to a song or a music track, leaving us carry and associating with images, scenes, which were best suited at the moment:the
opposite feeling i had with the collages of Fabio Monizio, that to watch them now i feel a lot of music, i  see the scan and the nuances of sounds and different rhythms, superimposed, fused together.
Fabio Monizio is a Neapolitan artist from the versatile personality, transplanted in Rome and graduated in Law, that in life is also a dj.
His works, which over the last few years have been exhibited in various locations including Galleria Palazzo Cellamare ( Naples ), Pink Studio ( MILAN ), Blues ( Portocervo ), have drawn my attention and I asked him to tell a little about himself:
-What kind of events/emotions push in your mind to create your work?
My collages are inspired above all by scrolling through of magazines, from advertising, and the mediatic bombardment, having as a reference the Pop Art , Mimmo Rotella , and if we want to go further back in time i would say the Dadaism , instead going later the collages by Michael Anderson."Mix" is the key word of our years, it is difficult to express our time through forms of art classic , the collage is a great form to express the moment, means also recycle the magazines, posters, key in aesthetic and conceptual .
Mix may be the right compromise between chaos and harmony.
Mix is a word that belongs to me because they are from years dj throughout Italy ( Tabata and Pepero in Portocervo , Pineta in Milano Marittima , Naples, all a little and many other places scattered in our peninsula ) .I played with dj from all over the world.
Lately I'm concentrating on private celebrations of high-profile, the last on the island of Li Galli (Positano) the marriage of top model Bela Malgosia , guests Kate Moss, and many other guru and before i played live the Gossip and the Sister Sledge.
-Current projects?
I'm working on for some things: an exhibition in a gallery that will open in October 2014 in Dubai , a possible show at the Pan, and then i'm off in the short to the premium Combat.
In parallel with the collages lately i musical experiments with a project called Les Pietons , life view from a pedestrian.
-Future Projects instead?
My future projects are all projected toward new technologies, such as the