The famous English photographer Rankin continues to experiment with different forms of art, trying to get the best form each and conveying it through pictures and videos meant to reach directly the audience's soul. 

This time the subject of his work was dance and with it Sergei Polunin, Ukrainian dancer: his body, movements and unpredictable rebel spirit were able to leave a mark on Rankin's work. 

"I love working with Sergei because he gives his all to everything he does. He choreographed the dance, worked with me on the concept, and I feel like we both did what we wanted to do, which in the creative industry is actually pretty rare!"

The main goal of this video is to amaze the audience, through a little game of illusions. What the spectator believes he's seeing changes all of a sudden: nothing is what it seems

Games of shadows and lights bring out the two artists' work for a strong but romantic result.