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Sunday Escape - Casa Brutale

The villa set in the mountain by Open Platform for Architecture

Sunday Escape - Casa Brutale The villa set in the mountain by Open Platform for Architecture

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Laertis Antonios Ando and Pantelis Vassiliou Kampouropoulos member of the Dutch study Open Platform for Architecture (OPA) had a dream: to build a villa set into the mountains, with a surface swimming pool as roof, one window and water as dominant element. The inspiration for the design comes from an inverted version of "Casa Malaparte", famous residence on the island of Capri dates back to the mid-30s created from Italian Adalberto Libera, while the name "Casa Brutale" is a tribute to Brutalism. The architectural movement of the '50s, mainly influenced by Le Corbusier, enhanced raw and simple materials, such as bare concrete (bèton brut in French), glass, wood, the same chosen for the OPA's project. In the Vassiliou and Kampouropoulos vision nothing extends above the ground level. The glass-bottomed swimming pool acts as a roof, but also as skylight spreading natural light inside the building. After fifty steps down, a rotating door of aged wood leads inside. Here reigns minimalism. The furnishings are few and essential: concrete dining table accompanied with a set of concrete benches, a wooden support surface, a fireplace-sculpture. A steel staircase connects the kitchen to the first floor where there are a small hallway, a storage area, the bathroom and the master bedroom. One wall is used as a bay window, offering an amazing view of the sea. Shortly after being posted on Internet "Casa Brutale" project, with their poetic architecture between sky and sea, it has become viral, making the dreams of millions of people. The success of OPA study architects duo idea has allowed the villa to become reality. The structure will be built on Mount Faqra outside Beirut, at an altitude of 1600 m and the future owner will be Alex Demirdjian, CEO of Demco.
Just let your imagination run free looking at the pictures of this highly original house.