Under an unexpected downpour, San Siro crowd is waiting eagerly. At 9 sharp, a black van enters the stadium and two mysterious figures get down and hide behind the stage: everyone knows that the much-anticipated moment has come and a huge roar resonates in the stadium. Beyoncé and Jay-Z appear suddenly behind the enormous screens, on top of a sort of elevator, dressed in white, holding hands, beautiful.

The two superstars’ concert begins, between hit songs that made history, many outfit changes (more for Jay than Bey), a line-up of incredible dancers (all black) and an explosive band. Queen Bey enchants the crowd with her powerful voice and excellent dance moves, confirming once again she’s the best singer of her generation. Jay-Z shines even without his wife, gets emotional while singing Song Cry and then inflames the stadium with Niggas in Paris. On the big screens behind them are projected movie-like images: the Carters in Jamaica starring in a kind of Bonnie&Clyde 2.0, alternating with beautiful footage from everyday life, with the couple’s kids, Blue Ivy and the twins Sir and Rumi. Bey and Jay don’t forget about contemporary issues, though. Jay-Z recalls the Black Lives Matter movement and on stage raises his left closed fist; Beyoncé teaches everyone a lesson about feminism in one of the best moments of the entire show, with her Run the World (Girls).

The Carters pull off an energic, spectacular, glamorous show. Flawless.

nss was there to capture the best moments of the show. 

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