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Kanye West will not perform at Donald Trump settlement


Kanye West will not perform at Donald Trump settlement Why?

Kanye West vs Donald Trump. Does he go or doesn't? They invited him or not? Just give it up, guys. It ain't gonna happen. According to the latest rumors the answer to these questions is the same: no. Kanye will not perform during Donald Trump's presidential inauguration. Because? First, because no one ever asked him, and secondly because it seems is not in line with the traditional American aesthetic that the newly elected president wants to show off during the event. After the meeting between the two in December and the following demonstrations of respect and mutual affection, in which they emphasized their friendship, had begun to turn rumors of a possible involvement of the rapper on the January 20 show, but now the chances that the rumors were true are zero. No Kanye, but the problem is that there will not be even Gwen Stefani, Celine Dion, Moby or Elton John, all stars who have refused the invitation. And if at the inauguration of Kennedy there was Frank Sinatra, at that of Bill Clinton Bob Dylan, for Obama Beyoncè and Stevie Wonder, to Trump said no even a Bruce Springsteen's cover band, so the tycoon will have to settle for Jackie Evancho (America's Got Talent) and country star Toby Keith. No wonder that, today's news, even the touts are not able to sell tickets to the presidential inauguration ceremony.