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MTV EMA 2014

Crazy facts about last night

MTV EMA 2014 Crazy facts about last night

20 years ago: the first edition of the EMA, and every year we lose the head in front of the TV, and every year we know that the VMAs will be better. But the urge to pop alloy is too strong.

We decided to delight us with the full version of the event, at 20.00 we were already connected to the red carpet, that apart from the tragicomic expression of the fans was not merely a parade of idiotic questions and fake pleasantries. The live translation was something chilling.


The presenter this year is Nicki Minaj  who welcomes us with a pearl gray dress wedding. Hoisted on a tower with a trail mileage presents the first performance.


After 3 seconds, we have already forgotten her because the stage is checked that great babe Ariana Grande. Still can not understand how anyone can be so sexy in 1.53 meter height. An acrobatic performance from a rear wheel and the other (made us remember his debut in Nickelodeon) .. but the voice? On her we put a post it "is she the next Beyonce?". Queen B begins to shake.

Meanwhile, Nicki has alternated 10 costume changes: look gypsy wedding favor, and the 20's in the blink of an eye.

About objects of dubious taste, Alicia Keys arrives he must have had a fight with your stylist. A white glittery outfit that does not reward its line of expectant mothers.

Keisza with the hit hideaway dancing like crazy, but a bit boring 'because the choreography is the same as  Italian X factor this week. So we decide that it's time to warm up your popcorn.

On our return Nicki gives us a big surprise with the performance of Anaconda. A lace jumpsuit and a team of booty dancers remind us a little 'performance of Beyonce at the VMAs, but we like to promote and subdued elegance. It will be the show porn Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke VMA 2013 forever changed our judgment.

After the tribute to Ozzy Osbourne, Minaj decided to awaken young people in the audience rolling with free drink cards. MTV pays your hangover.

We appreciate U2 and Ed Sheran with his romantic moment, the couple dancing reminds us the pounds of romance we threw to comment cynically this evening.

When we were going to begin to taste the end when came Enrique Iglesias and his bailando wins the hearts of all fans of Zumba. We do not have time to be complacent in Caribbean dances that Nicki draws our attention playing golf, or rather, porn golf with a huge ass hole is, we leave you to imagine where.

Ariana Grande also won the best female, we adore her more and more, even if it is haunted by the effect of his kinky hair.

The evening continues with no surprise, but the grand finale awakens our torpor.

Good news: EMA 2015 will be in Milan October 25th, 2015.

The hunt for tickets has already begun.

Best Song: Ariana Grande - Problem ft Iggy Azalea

Best Pop: One Direction

Best Female: Ariana Grande

Best Male: Justin Bieber

Best Live: One Direction

Best New: 5 Seconds of Summer

Best Video: Katy Perry - Dark Horse ft Juicy J

Best Rock: Linkin Park

Best Alternative: Thirty Seconds To Mars 

Best Hip Hop: Nicki Minaj

Best Electronic: Calvin Harris

Biggest Fans: One Direction 

Best Look: Katy Perry 

Best PUSH: 5 Seconds of Summer

Best World Stage: Enrique Iglesias - MTV World Stage Isle of MTV Malta

Worldwide Act: Bibi Zhou

Global Icon: Ozzy Osbourne 

Best Song with a Message (social cathegory): Alicia Keys - We are here