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Fondazione Prada has opened its outdoor cinema in Milan

Dedicated to the screening of the "Multiple Canvases" film series

Fondazione Prada has opened its outdoor cinema in Milan Dedicated to the screening of the Multiple Canvases film series

On the occasion of the reactivation of its summer screening program, the Cinema building of Fondazione Prada has totally transformed with its movable walls that, for the first time, will be completely open, creating an open-air projection room that combines internal and external, with the architecture of the complex designed by Rem Koolhaas. Fondazione Prada will use these spaces to present Multiple Canvases, a new format in which great personalities from the art and culture world, such as Pedro Almodóvar, John Baldessari, Danny Boyle, Theaster Gates, Damien Hirst, Luc Tuymans and Nicolas Winding Refn, will share with the audience the most significant films that have inspired them throughout their career. 

The films will be screened from July 2 to 24, for three evenings a week, from Thursday to Saturday, at 9.45 pm, and will be: Orphée noir (1959) by Marcel Camus; Funeral Parade of Roses (1969) by Toshio Matsumoto and Nippon Sengoshi, History of Postwar Japan as Told by a Bar Hostess (1970) by Shohei Imamura; Nostalgia de la luz (2016) by Patricio Guzmán and The Color of Pomegranates (1966) by Sergej Paradžanov. Luigi Alberto Cippini, the curator of the program, explained:

Cinema can be understood as a collective dream project that connects subjectivity and visual materials through the depth of the individual and the form of social encounter. Multiple Canvases hybridizes the deeply personal visual preferences of four international artists by testing the form of the screening list as a writing practice and a collective project. 

Fondazione Prada's outdoor cinema is part of the wider Milanese tradition of open-air screenings held in the city's most crucial cultural points: with the easing of restrictions, for example, the AriaAnteo 2021 program is back with its screenings that have returned to take place in Triennale, Palazzo Reale and cloister of the Coronata but also the Martinitt Cinema Theater with the cyclopic programming of Arena Milano Est which includes, in addition to movies, also several live shows of stand-up comedy and music.