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What's the best way to express our style?

The latest chapter of customization with the new glo™ hyper+

What's the best way to express our style? The latest chapter of customization with the new glo™ hyper+

What is the most effective way to truly express yourself? How can we make those around us understand who we are? One of the most effective ways to convey one's personality and vision has always lied in the aesthetic component of our way of being, in what we wear, and most of all in the accessories, in the details and in all those elements that distinguish us from others. In a historical period of homologation, where we all end up buying and wearing the same things, the only way to own something truly unique is to personalize it, reinterpreting it according to our taste and aesthetics. So customization becomes the new frontier to be explored in order to better express our personality, freely and without filters.

The latest project by glo™, the brand that has been able to combine practicality, innovation and design in the best possible way, fits exactly in this groove and was created with the aim of presenting the new glo™ hyper+ product. The peculiarity of the new device launched by British American Tobacco lies in the numerous combinations it offers thanks to different colour combinations. The keyword is therefore customization. The principle that animates the initiative is not wrong at all: given the importance that the object boasts in our daily life, why not making it part of our outfit and our personality? 

In addition to having an elegant and compact design, glo™ hyper+ is made with high-quality materials and allows numerous combinations thanks to different colour combinations to best express your style. 

On the occasion of the launch of the new glo™ hyper+, glo™ has tapped a unique figure to best represent the unprecedented bond that links its latest creation to the world of art. Ema Stokholma, DJ, writer, radio speaker and artist, has in fact created an original artwork that could best translate the “& more” vision of the brand. 

Ema Stokholma told nss magazine about the behind-the-scenes of her work and the artistic process that leads to the creation of her paintings. 

What is creativity for you? 

Creativity is a skill that we all have, some use it at school, at work or others in the art for example. 

What role does art play in your daily life? How has your relationship with creativity changed during these difficult months? 

I have learned to carve out a lot of time to stay indoors and paint because I need a lot of consecutive hours to finish a painting. Painting fills my life, every day more... 

Where do you find inspiration? 

Inspiration often comes from people or situations around me. I take a lot of photos and at the end of the day, I look at them again and select a few, which later I might paint. 

Do you think that the definition 'art' can now include disciplines that are also very different from each other, like fashion or music? 

It's undeniable that fashion and music fall into the category of art and I also see many similarities between them, very often they travel together, I think of Prince or Kanye West for example, but the beautiful thing is that art is everywhere, in a person catching the bus, or on a woman's face with a hump on her nose.

On the occasion of the pre-launch of the new glo™ hyper+ device, glo™ has prepared a unique event, part of the "glo™ together & more" initiative, which combines art and music, and which will be held in digital format on December 17 at h 19 live on the Instagram page of @glo_italia. Rosario Pellecchia, the internationally renowned DJ and trait union of all the brand's events, will welcome Ema Stokholma and Martina Lombardi, who will explore the infinite possibilities offered by the blending of art and music. 

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