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The AirPods Max are the perfect headphones to stay at home

A clean break with the past for Apple

The AirPods Max are the perfect headphones to stay at home  A clean break with the past for Apple

With a surprise worthy of its name, a few days ago Apple raised the curtain on its new headphones, the Airpods Max, available in Italy from today, December 15th.

The first thing that catches the eye is undoubtedly the design of the item, far from what made Apple wireless headphones famous and definitely closer to that of flashy and bulky gaming sets. So let's forget the minimal design of the old Airpods, those to be used on subway trips or while walking down the street because with the new Airpods Max Apple has officially declared its intention to force us to stay at home

More than a pair of headphones, almost a design object thanks to the perfect lines and the quality of the materials that make them almost cheap compared to a retail price of over 600€. Telescopic rods, memory foam ear cushions, stainless steel structure, five different colours and a perforated band on the headband are just some of the features that make the Airpods Max that object to be exhibited in the salon, the living space that most of all represent how the home environment has changed during the pandemic: no longer a Sunday refuge but a living and working environment to be made comfortable. Whether it is to listen to music lying on the sofa or to watch a movie, the weight and size of the Airpods Max force us to stay home, a role enhanced even more by the various technical features ranging from classic noise cancellation to spatial audio capable to recreate an effect worthy of cinema. 

However, what's most interesting about the Airpods Max is undoubtedly Apple's choice to cut ties with the past, momentarily abandoning one of the most famous designs and objects of the Cupertino house, transforming it into something completely different. If on the one hand, we can speak of courage and revolution, on the other it is right to speak of flair and change: a flair for an evolving lifestyle and a change for an object such as wireless headphones that must evolve with our needs. Not only a new show of strength from Apple, which after having left everyone perplexed seems to have already convinced a good part of the critics but also the proof of how this 2020 now running out has changed everything. Even the Airpods.