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A beginner's guide to survive in Milan during summer

Holidays arrive in Milan too if you believe it enough

A beginner's guide to survive in Milan during summer Holidays arrive in Milan too if you believe it enough

It happens to everyone once in a lifetime. Whether it's for work, or it's an irresponsible personal decision, you get stuck in Milan in summer. This year, after the lockdown and the Covid-19, the sense of desolation is even stronger: the city has emptied earlier than usual, tourists are nowhere to be seen and even discos and parties are out of the question. But perhaps, if you've stayed in town, this is a good opportunity to discover the best corners of the city to face the hottest month in the concrete jungle.

With a hundred and fifty-two kilometers to separate you from the nearest sea (for the record, it's the Ligurian one) summer couldn't seem further away: you'll be forced to face legions of mosquitoes, a constant stream of Instagram stories where your friends enjoy spritz by the sea and a climate straight from the Amazon's green inferno. Taking refuge in the icy air-conditioned lanes of the Esselunga will only be a temporary antidote to pain – but the truth is that you always stay in the most international city in Italy and if you want to enjoy a burst of life, you can. So courage: all is not lost.

For this nss magazine has drawn up for you a list of things to do this summer in Milan in addition to praying for the return of winter. 

Pools & Parks

Bagni Misteriosi

Il Lido

Sheraton Milano San Siro

Piscina Romano

Triennale Estate 

Stabilimento estivo BASE 2020 

Giardini della Guastalla

Lido BAM - Biblioteca degli Alberi 

Parco della Martesana


Art Exhibits

 Viaggio oltre le tenebre. Tutankhamon RealExperience® 

Gauguin, Matisse, Chagall. La Passione nell’arte francese dai Musei Vaticani

Fondazione Prada – K

Banksy’s UNKNOWN - Street Art Exhibition 

Claude Monet – The Immersive Experience  

Trisha Baga - the eye, the eye and the ear 

Wunder Temporary Mrkt allo Scalo di Porta Genova




e/n enoteca naturale

Surfer’s Garden


Chiosco Mentana

Frida Isola

Sacrestia Farmacia Alcolica

Fonderie Milanesi

Rita’s Tiki Room



Sixième Bistrot

Particolare Milano

Clotilde Brera

Erba Brusca

Chiostro Bistrot

Spirit de Milan


Cascina Cuccagna



Ceresio 7 Pools&Restaurant

Ristorante Torre – Fondazione Prada

Terrazza Gallia

La Terrazza di Via Palestro




Cinema Arianteo 

Estate Sforzesca 2020

Mare Culturale Milano 

BASE Milano

La Balera dell’Ortica 

Caffè Triennale

Bar Picchio