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Netflix presents 'Homemade', a collection of homemade short movies shot during the lockdown

Featuring Kristen Stewart, Pablo Larraín and Paolo Sorrentino

Netflix presents 'Homemade', a collection of homemade short movies shot during the lockdown Featuring Kristen Stewart, Pablo Larraín and Paolo Sorrentino

The pandemic decreed the ultimate success of the streaming platforms, particularly Netflix: thanks to the release of several original productions (only Netflix Italia in the past few months released some already-cult series such as Summertime, the fourth season of Skam Italia and the very first folk-horror Italian experiment Curon), back in April the company announced that it had reached almost 16 million more users worldwide (+ 22.8%). Still, from the experience of the lockdown, a new original project was also born, which involved the platform on a global scale: as it happened in the fashion industry, where many fashion brands involved models and celebrities in the creation of DIY campaigns, Netflix launches Homemade, a collection of "home-made" short movies shot by some of the most famous filmmakers in the world. 

There are 17 directors involved: from Paolo Sorrentino to Pablo Larraín (Jackie), Sebastián Lelio, Ana Lily Amirpour (The Bad Batch), Rachel Morrison (director of photography for Black Panther), then also some unexpected names as Kristen Stewart (at the direction of her second short film) and Maggie Gyllenhaal, at her directorial debut. Confined between the four walls of their homes, there was only one rule: no crew. All the short films were shot using equipment found at home ("homemade", in fact). The results are different and range from the directors' intimate diaries to short fictional stories, offering a magnifying glass on how the lockdown has affected different countries and lives around the world. 

It is a wonderful opportunity to work with people I admire. And an extraordinary opportunity to continue working, thanks to Netflix and his extraordinary team, in such confused and unique days" said Pablo Larraín, the promoter of the project, who only a few days ago announced his next directorial project which will see Kirsten Stewart in the shoes of Lady Diana. "Homemade has been a great challenge for those who want to narrate," continued Paolo Sorrentino; "Finding a story and characters in my own home and nothing else available made me feel like when I was a kid, I dreamed of doing this job.

While the fashion industry and the whole creative industry, in general, are wondering what their future will look like, Netflix confirms the lasting power of creativity, even in the face of a global pandemic. Produced by The Apartment Pictures, the film and television production company part of the Fremantle group, launched early this year by Lorenzo Mieli, and Fabula by Pablo Larraín, Homemade is a celebration of the mastery and craftsmanship of cinematographic art. In honour of each filmmaker, Netflix will make a donation to organizations that are providing support to the workers of the television and film industry affected by the crisis.

The collection will be made available on Netflix from June 30th