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When did fashion stop imagining the future?

Looking back over the past ten years, the question may seem counterintuitive. In the reference period, in fact, the creative industry has changed radically. The rise of streetwear has overturned the creative hierarchies of the big fashion houses, bringing new brands to the market and clearly narrowing the differences between the genres; so much so that cataloging is almost impossible. The aesthetic standards have changed, and so has the definition of luxury and accessibility to it.

The tastes and consumption of Gen Z have prompted brands to change the way they communicate and sell products, changing their points of reference, and migrating an entire industry from the real to the digital. Yet in this spiral of changes, the creative industry seems to have forgotten its essential task: to imagine the future. In fact, the creativity of the last ten years was nourished by reworkings of different and distant cultural products, with the concept of inspiration that continued fishing in nostalgia.

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A definition of codes and aesthetics that have created an ever-changing imagination following ever tighter rhythms of trends, a creative anxiety that causes worry about the next drop or fashion show that has focused the attention of the industry on the short term, forgetting the future. Fashion was created for the future and this requires and implies trusting in the future.

In the digital cover N0.3, nss magazine explores the future of fashion through the vision of various digital artists with four insights on the impact of the pandemic both at a creative and industrial level. For the cover artwork the CGI Artist Pascal M. Wiemer imagined a distopian world where fashion is faded memory.

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In the first virtual room illustrated by Samy LaCrapule, Jordan Anderson investigates the future of Fashion Weeks in post-pandemic fashion, after the proclamations of brands and designers on an update of the formats between virtual alternatives and branding strategies. In room two, Cecilia Caruso asks the question about the trend that has dominated the last decade in the fashion industry: has streetwear died or has it been institutionalized? In the third illustrated room Timo Helgert- aka @vacades with Filippo D’Asaro asked Luca Benini and Alessandro Poggi what brands will be in the next decade on a global level and how the meaning of luxury is changing. In the last room, with the works of Andrei Warren, Francesco Abazia wonders who the next major creators will be, after the creator's figure was first born and then radically changed in the last ten years, consequently changing the whole world of fashion.

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Creative direction

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nss factory

Digital Cover

Artwork Pascal M. Wiemer
Look Louis Vuitton SS20

What lies in the future for
the evolution of Fashion Weeks?

Artwork Samy LaCrapule
Look Dior SS20

Will the end of the hype era
kill streetwear as well?

Artwork Pascal M. Wiemer
Look Nike Dunk low

The definition of luxury will
shape the future of brands

Artwork Timo Helgert

Who's gonna be
the next Creators?

Video Direction Andrei Warren
3D Production Misato Studio
3D Clothing Aljoscha Bu
Music production Kai Landre
Look Marine Serre SS20