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5 classics to watch with your dad during the quarantine

A good way to celebrate Father's Day

5 classics to watch with your dad during the quarantine A good way to celebrate Father's Day

Despite the confusion due to Coronavirus, today it's Father's Day. This year may be difficult to celebrate with cakes and champagne, but it's always a good time to spend some quality time in the sweetest company of your dad. 

Here's a list of the 5 classics to watch (or re-watch) with your father while you're still in quarantine.


Interstellar, by Christopher Nolan (NETFLIX)

It may be a little too long for a casual Thursday night, but if your father likes sci-fi that's the film you were looking for. Interstellar won the Academy Award for the Best Visual Effects® in 2015 and has Hans Zimmer at the soundtrack, Mary Zophres at the costumes and Matthew McConaughey in the leading role. The cast is all A-listed: Anne Hathaway (in one of her best movies so far), Jessica Chastain, Matt Damon, Michael Caine - the only young folk was a debutant at his first time on the big screen and his name was Timothée, have you heard of him? Fun Fact: according to science, it's one of the sci-fi movies that actually makes sense: the only huge "mistake" is the fact that Matthew McConaughey survives to a black hole, but we could simply say that this is a poetic license.


Uccellacci e Uccellini, by Pier Paolo Pasolini (PRIME VIDEO)

If your father loves authorial cinema, maybe even in black & white, Prime Video has the best gift for him: Uccellacci e Uccellini, one of the first big directorial outbreaks of Pasolini. The film is short (it lasts about one hour and a half) but it's essential. After many years spent running after the gowns of young ladies in a bunch of comedies that never really interested the critics, Totò wears the best mask of his life: tragicomic, grotesque, in one word "Napoletana" at its best. That's why he was honoured with the Special Mention at Cannes Film Festival di Cannes in 1966 and the Nastro d'argento to the best leading actor (the first one in his career). Another fun fact: the opening and closing titles are "sung" by Domenico Modugno. That's what we call history.


Call Me By Your Name, by Luca Guadagnino (NETFLIX)

There's room for the most sensitive, too - and the answer is always Timothée ChalametLuca Guadagnino's greatest film launched little Timmy among the greatest actors of Hollywood, and it's already a cult (it was the first Italian film in ages to be nominated at the Academy Awards® in different categories than Best International Feature). Some scenes may be awkward to watch with your father, but you can always go to the bathroom and let him watch them by himself. If you're willing to win this fear, you'll be able to watch with him the closing Michael Stuhlbarg's speech that is - indeed - true poetry (and way more complex than what everybody thinks). Don't be scared, you won't regret it.


The Lion King, by Walt Disney

Hakuna Matata! Nothing can compete with one of the greatest masterpieces in the all-time history of cinema. Last year's live-action (with the voices of Donald Glover and Beyoncé) has disappointed almost everybody, even if it wasn't so bad. But how could it be better than the original one? It's the film that defined the most the generation of millennials and there's no person in the world that won't cry hearing its songs (and if you know somebody who doesn't, please don't stay in touch). The Lion King came out in 1994 and is the 32nd Walt Disney Classic. What could be more "classic" than that?


Star Wars, by George Lucas

Do we really need to explain why? Every chapter of the saga will be good, even the latest ones. Unfortunately is not streaming anywhere, but we bet that you have an old DVD (or VHS) hiding somewhere in your collection. You haven't? Well, we think it's time to buy it.