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Pros and cons of smart working

Are we totally sure that spending the day in your pjs is that great?

Pros and cons of smart working Are we totally sure that spending the day in your pjs is that great?

Eventually, all of us, who with great enthusiasm and who with total reluctance, had to come to terms with the fact that for the upcoming weeks our room, with neon lights, with a closet that could use the intervention of Marie Kondo, a general disorder that doesn't even bother us anymore, and with pictures of us from our childhood until now, will become our personal office. 
Because of Coronavirus, we've all become smart workers and, while on one side working from home has unbeatable bright sides, on the other, are we sure that bringing your work home is always such a great idea? Let's find out. 

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Me working from home

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#1 Not having to get dressed to go to work

Pro: on this point, there are different school of thoughts. Psychologists suggest that dressing up as if you were really going to work makes you enter a more professional and efficient mindset. As a matter of fact, it's a triumph of old tracksuits, discoloured sweatshirts, stained T-shirts and white gym socks, we've forgotten about bras and shoes, as reported in the IG account Quarantena Fashion Week. We regain a minimum of dignity and good grace only when we're forced to do a video call, and even in that case, we fix only the upper part of us, while the bottom is still screaming Netflix and Chill. (About this, the Guardian made a list of good and precious tips on how to arrange your room so it doesn't freak out your colleagues who will certainly look more behind you than at your face). 

Cons: I'll be honest, I had a hard time finding a downside to this situation. (I mean, the laundry basket hadn't been this empty since last summer). Maybe the only risk is to progressively forget how to be and look like a decent human being, with more or less embarrassing results when you leave your tiny apartment only to go to Esselunga. Esselunga doesn't judge though, don't worry. 


#2 Having lunch at home

Pro: for those used to having to cook their lunch the night before and having to taste sad lunch boxes the day after, this is a new world. Can you feel that flavour of freshly cooked pasta? You could only remember it gummy, plain and a bit sad too. We could also try to eat healthier, without the dangers of pre-cooked meals and restaurants surrounding our office. 

Cons: because your whole house is your office, it's highly probable that you will end up eating your lunch in front of the screen of your laptop, exactly as it happens every day at work. 

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play soft die hard

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#3 Not seeing your co-workers every day 

Pro: you know that moment in the office when you need to take a deep breath and those extra two seconds before answering the latest dumb question they've asked you or to calm down before flipping off the boss? Well, with smart working you don't need to, you can angrily type on your laptop puffing, whispering swear words and thinking of insults while typing 'Dear, I'm so glad to hear from you, great idea...' Be smart. 

Cons: the communication will become tight, the distance will be filled with an impressive numbers of calls, emails, messages, video calls, video chats, video conferences because you know how they say, it's always better to talk face to face. You'll never feel lonely, let's put it like that. 


#4 Managing working times and workflow

Pro: maybe the thing we complaining the most about, along with the public transportation we have to use to get to work. Theoretically, with smart working, we have more freedom and options when it comes to deciding when to start and finish the workday, managing as a consequence the goals and the results that must be reached over the day. 

Cons: more than a work plan, what you're working on is a plan of all your breaks and snacks. If you start the day with a light breakfast, you need to take a coffee at 10 and only an hour later add a sweet Buondì to cheer you up. The day continues with fruit snacks, to feel just a little healthy and not completely a mess of a person, to end up with salty snacks like crackers, rice cakes, chips, even a nice cold beer. The body part that we will use the most during this quarantine will be the jaws.  

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When you’re told you have to work from home.

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#5 Being home with roomies/family

Pro: in both cases, it will be all good as long as you get along well. It could also turn out to be nice to spend time with parents and siblings you only get to see at night or over the weekend, or during the holidays if you don't live at home. This whole situation might seem less worrying if you destress with board games and heart-warming movies. 

Cons: what if the best part about your cohabitation was to never actually run into each other, as you both had different schedules and hobbies? Even if you live with your significant other this forced and without the possibility of escape quarantine might be a good test for your relationship. Hide the knives of the kitchen, just to be safe. 

#6 Working from different stations

Pro: we already said it, your home will become your office, so why not replying to that mail after lunch while laying on that comfy couch? Why not moving to the bed before dinner to complete that Excel that has become your nightmare. At the end of the day, who can see you? 

Cons: can you hear that voice? That little voice in your head that keeps saying 'Come on, go laying on the bed and work from there, what can possibly go wrong?' Next thing you know, you are half asleep while typing on your computer, with the Netflix and YouTube tabs open, just in case. 


Cover illustration by Ilaria Colombo exclusively for nss magazine