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Spike Jonze directs a masterpiece spot for the legalization of marijuana

"The new normal"

Spike Jonze directs a masterpiece spot for the legalization of marijuana The new normal

Spike Jonze, director of cult films like Her or Being John Malkovich, produces only masterpieces. Even when it comes to videos of a few minutes. His latest project, instantly viral, is a commercial for MedMen, one of the most important cannabis resale companies in the United States. The idea is simple, but of great effect: to tell through a series of dioramas, tableau vivant like those we find in museums, the history of cannabis in America. A picture after another, time and time flow before our own, showing us how the perception of pot has changed over the years: from the crops for industrial use of George Washington and of the other founding fathers to the demonization of the '70s and' 80; from the trials and penalties related to the possession of cannabis to the benefits of the substance at the medical level to alleviate pain, stress and anxiety; from the creative inspiration that the cannabis, until the "new normality" in which ordinary people use it and buy it with tranquility as if they were in a supermarket.

Commenting on the images is the voice of the actor Jesse Williams (aka Jackson Avery of Gray's Anatomy).

A fun fact: most of the spot cast and crew have a real connection to cannabis, like the former NFL player who uses it as a substitute for opioids or military veterans who use it as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).