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Maurizio Tentella launches SPACEDELICIOUS merch


Maurizio Tentella launches SPACEDELICIOUS merch FUCK GALATEO

If at Christmas you want to make a gift worthy of the name and be at the same time the coolest among the diners to the exaggerated meal, there is one thing you must do: go to the Maurizio Tentella's brand new SPACEDELiCIOUS website and discover the new products from our favorite food lover.

TNT's merchandising is inspired by a masterpiece of cinema history, "2001 Space Odyssey" directed by Stanley Kubrick and to the desire to upset the established etiquette rules. For a Spadelicious Christmas 2018 you must look "SPACECICCIO" SWEATSHIRT or the TEE as well as the "FUCK GALATEO" NAPKIN and the "FUCK GALATEO" TABLECLOTH.

Fuck Galateo is an ode to enjoy meals and forget about every kind of rules, flying in the perfect blue sky, for a heavenly experience. These items have their own story, which begins in the Maurizio family's industrial laundry, where tablecloths and napkins were used as part of a rental service for restaurants and hotels. Each piece has been revisited, personalized with colors and artisan prints and each one is different from the other. The Spaceciccio collection instead was born to gravitate in the Spacedelicious galaxy. Available in two sizes, Small and Big. For a Christmas out of the world!

Do not believe in good manners at the table, have faith only in good food.