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SPACEDELICIOUS by TNT - "Tu mancia?" w/ Loris Gentile

The last video by Maurizio Tentella, the special guest of FAT FAT FAT Festival

SPACEDELICIOUS by TNT - Tu mancia? w/ Loris Gentile The last video by Maurizio Tentella, the special guest of FAT FAT FAT Festival

It was 1980 when Paolo Villaggio, in the role of the iconic character of Fantozzi, said "Tu mancia?" ("Are you eating?, with a strong German accent). The exhilarating scene it is the most known footage of Fantozzi contro tutti, in which the accountant, in an attempt to lose weight in a clinic, was tortured by Professor Birkermaier who likes to devour crumbly mountains of meatballs in front of Fantozzi.

Inspired by this scene, Maurizio Tentella plays the role of the perfidious doctor who, armed with a white coat, cream and chocolate cream, savors his tasty Maritozzi marchegiani in front of the poor Loris Gentile. He is not allowed to touch the delicacy but, as for Fantozzi, hunger is the most important thing and secretly grabs the soft sweets until he is discovered.

"Tu mancia! Tu mancia!" 

Tentella was one of the special guests of the FAT FAT FAT Festival, an event that helded from August 3rd to 5th in the Macerata area between the Grancia di Sarrocciano di Corridonia and Piazza Emanuele II in Morrovalle. 6.000 national and international participants, good music, which seen the participation of big names of the black - electronic scene like Marcellus Pittman or Larry Head aka Mr Fingers, and above all a lot of food. Maurizio will take care of the preparation of specialties from the Marche region: sandwiches with ciauscolo (Italian salami) and pecorino cheese from the Pastorello di Cupi farm accompanied by soft and tasty mascarpone and Nutella. A paradise for your palate.

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