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5 trash news of the day

Main protagonists: Kanye West, Asia Argento, Luka Sabbat and Salvini

5 trash news of the day  Main protagonists: Kanye West, Asia Argento, Luka Sabbat and Salvini

Every day, millions of news invade our Facebook feeds, articles that go from real news to fake ones, from leaks to scoops, but what we can't deny is that despite our interests, despite Zuckerberg's unknown algorithms, it's impossible not to find some news about the most famous celebs of the moment. Whether they're the vicepresident, an influencer or Kim Kardashian's husband, everyone is going to talk about (or want to know about) them and what they do. 

nss has selected for you the 5 trashest news of today, Tuesday November 6th


#1 Spice Girls are back 

A re-opened wound, a new Instagram profile and an upcoming tour. The Spice Girls are back, the payback of 90's girl power. The time has come to re-do our pigtails, wear our silver miniskirts since the British band has revealed the dates of the English tour, that will see them perform live for 6 times. The announcement came from Emma Bunton, Baby Spice, during the radio show she hosts along with Jamie Theakston on Heart Radio. Stronger than ever, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown and Melanie Chisholm are ready to sing again Wannabe but this time without Victoria Beckham. Why? Full time mum and manager, V has made just one statement on her IG. 


#2 Burger King vs Kanye West

"My favourite restaurant is McDonald's"

This gem was shared on Twitter by one of the most chaotic, unpredicatble and hyped artists of out time: Kanye West. It's not the first time the rapper has used this social to express his ideas/rants but who was expecting that to troll the well-known producer was going to be Burger King? The account of the fast-food chain has in fact commented the tweet "Clearly his eyes are still closed" (referring to a previous West's post, where he denied his support for Trump stating "My eyes are wide open, I've been used to spread messages I don’t believe in.")

#3 Asia Argento and her new lover 

Another turbolent profile is the one of the Italian director and actress Asia Argento. How did she capture the attention today? By getting shot by paparazzi while kissing the king of paparazzi: Fabrizio Corona. Birds of a feather flock together. The best quote is the one she stated after the pics: 

"Let me dream in peace."

#4 Luka Sabbat: the influencer that doesn't influence 

Young, beautiful, rich and fashionable. One of Kendall Jenner's closest friends, rumoured Kourtney's boyfriend and Evian water testimonial, Luka Sabbat is the perfect example of the Instagram generation influencer, tapped by Snapchat to promote the Snap Spectacles, sunglasses that can be used to shot videos to then publish on the social. According to Variety, though, last Tuesday the company has reportedly sued Luke for failing to live up the agreement that included to post three Instagram stories and one post to his Instagram feed, for a total of 60k dollars, 45k of which paid in advance (while the influencer posted just one pic and one story). Snapchat wants back its money and an additional 45k dollars for the damages. Influencers' dramas. 


#5 Matteo Meme Salvini 

You definitely already know about the break up from Elisa Isoardi, we know you've already seen the after-sex selfie accompanied by a Gio Evan poem, but what you still have to see are the memes popped up on the Internet seconds after the announcement.