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Insta repeat: we all post the same photos on Instagram

“Wander. Roam. Replicate.”

 Insta repeat: we all post the same photos on Instagram “Wander. Roam. Replicate.”

We know, as a famous phrase says, great minds think alike.

If you do not believe it, take a look at the @insta_repeat Instagram account. This interesting profile, run by an anonymous 27-year-old Anchorage, in Alaska, brings together all the similar photos that are on the most beloved social network of recent years and approaches them.

Medium close up back of girls head #personaloneinthewild

Un post condiviso da Insta Repeat (@insta_repeat) in data:

How was the idea born? From his feed that kept showing the same few places and scenarios over and over again.

"I find the images" by hand "- said the person behind the project -" I follow the people who have entered this kind of folk, adventurous, then flip through their profiles and I take a screenshot of everything that seems generic, so I put together things after downloading everything on the computer."

Thus, guided by the slogan Déjà Vu Vibes. Wander. Roam. Replicate. There were 81 compilations of unique travel photos, which underline how the democratization of photography has penalized originality.

Yes, because observing the, though beautiful, images, it seems to see a continuous repetition of the same shot: a woman with the hat portrayed from behind in nature, a landscape taken from inside a tent, a pair of feet overlooking a canion, people standing in a white car, a person, from the back in the middle of a canoe, a pink house...

Person centered in front of waterfall PT. II #personaloneinthewild

Un post condiviso da Insta Repeat (@insta_repeat) in data:

Why create an image that, in essence, has already been created? The answer seems elementary: the influencers see the images they receive the most like, follow the same places and replicate the same poses, creating an infinite domino effect that we call trend, but someone less kind defines copycat.

Ok, nothing new. From what world is the world people, especially on holiday, have adopted this philosophy, immortalizing themselves in front of Big Ben, the statue of liberty or pretending to hold the pyramid of the Louvre, but Instagram has pushed this seriality to another level , which goes beyond the definition of a certain (often pleasant) imaginary with characteristics common to each other.

What do you think of it: is it just a matter of sharing a certain aesthetic or copycatting to get like?