Welcome to the future.

Have you ever seen one of the many streetstyle blogs and think "what a cool look ... who knows what brand that is, and where can I find the garments for this outfit"?

Well, if your answer is yes, there is now an app that will make your life easier.

Google recently launched Style Match, a new feature which allows users of Android to get specific information (or a list of similar products) on every item of clothing, accessories, and objects simply by snapping a picture of the window of a shop, an Instagram screenshot, a friend's photo or the outfit seen in a magazine or on a blog.

A bit like Shazam does with the songs.

How is this possible? Thanks to Lens app, built on Google and Photo Assistant, but also inside the camera of many smartphone LG, Motorola, and Sony OnePlus, which scans in real time everything that incorporates the goal, trying to interpret it.

We are sure that the most hardcore fashionistas will love Style Match and you?

By @Google
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