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The best 2018 Super Bowl Commercials

Discover with us the best (and the funniest) advertisements of this Super Bowl

The best 2018 Super Bowl Commercials Discover with us the best (and the funniest) advertisements of this Super Bowl

Yesterday more than 100 million of people were in front of a tv around the globe watching the 52nd Super Bowl. Sure, most viewers at least say they watch for the football, but more than any other sports event, this one corrals a secondary audience: The people who watch for the commercials. The moments in between the game are the ad industry’s biggest creative showcase. Brands really take the Super Bowl moment seriously: the estimated price of a 30-second Super Bowl ad is more than 5 million of dollars, more than 160.000 per second. By contrast, an ad during the Oscars cost about $2–2.5 million this year. Although it is difficult to calculate the return on investment of the kind, some of the commercials aired during the Super Bowl have become part of American and international culture and for brands is still a unique opportunity to emerge on competitors. Among the most iconic Super Bowl ads there are: the iconic Apple 1984 commercial shot by Ridley Scott and inspired by George Orwell's novel, the 1979 Coca-cola and the Budweiser ad that launched the "What's up ???" expression, all entered in the history of marketing and television.

Among the 65 ads aired yesterday, we selected the most interesting, heartbreaking and cool commercial of the 52rd Super Bowl. 

#1 Mountain Dew & Doritos: Peter Dinklage vs Morgan Freeman

Doritos often has some of the best Super Bowl ads, but teaming up with Mountain Dew created arguably the best of the night. Peter Dinklage channeled his inner Busta Rhymes, while Morgan Freeman went full Missy Elliott.


#2 Alexa loses her voice - Amazon

For the celebrity-based commercial, this one from Amazon is a great product. The plot of the commercial is funny and the cast is great: Rebel Wilson, Gordon Ramsay, Cardi B and Anthony Hopkins. Each of these guest stars makes a user uncomfortable in a hilarious way...except Hopkins, who is terrifying.


#3 Crocodile Dundee - Tourism for Australia

The Australian tourism agency has really went to a next level: they have published online a series of fictitious trailers for a hypothetical third film by Crocodile Dundee with Australian actors of the caliber of Chris Hemsworth, Margot Robbie, Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe, another was not that a huge spot for airing during the Super Bowl.


#4 American way - Budweiser

One of the most popular subgenres among Super Bowl ads is that American patriotic pride. Budweiser has focused precisely on this: an advertisement that practically does not speak of the act of drinking beer and the taste of beer, but shows the company's contribution to getting fresh water to people affected by various natural disasters in 2017 in the United States. The version of "Stand by Me" is sung by Skyler Gray.


#5 Against all the odds- Toyota

Speaking of heartbreaking commercials, Toyota decided to focus on Lauren Woolstencroft, who has won eight Paralympic gold medals in her career. The ad broke down the odds of winning a gold medal (997,500,000-1) while showing all that Woolstencroft had to overcome.


#6 Meta-adv- Tide

Super Bowl's adv are so hyped that sometimes brand decides to make meta-adv: commercials that talk about other commercials. The most successful one from this year was made by Tide: David Harbour of Stranger Things fame jumped into different scenarios, fooling the viewers into what the advertisement was for. It went from a car ad, to a beer ad to a razor ad, but ended up being for Tide.


#7 The Time of my life - NFL

Eli Manning has had some memorable Super Bowl moments, but his commercial with Odell Beckham Jr. might have been one of his best. The Giants duo paired up for a re-enactment of the scene from Dirty Dancing, complete with the lift at the end. Manning is one of the most mocked players in the NFL, while Beckham isn't exactly loved everywhere, but this was hilarious.