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Super Bowl 2017 leads the integration game

The international giants who used their ad space to celebrate American multiculturalism

Super Bowl 2017 leads the integration game The international giants who used their ad space to celebrate American multiculturalism

The Super Bowl is the American media event par excellence, where brands from around the world compete and spend big bucks to be able to secure themselves even just a small band of its approximately 170 millions of viewers. Consecrated as a platform of extraordinary shows and advertising futuristic, this fifty-first Super Bowl has been a banner for political activism both in its commercials and in its halftime led by Lady Gaga. 2017 will be remembered as the year in which the Super Bowl expressed people's voice. 

In less than ten days since taking the White House office, the president-elect Donald Trump has issued two new national decrees (on immigration and abortion) that have not only made people talk but shocked the international public. Enacting a new law on the pretext of the "immigration control", on the first day of vigor hundreds of Americans with origins in different  muslim-majority countries were deported to their home countries and thousands of visas were revoked. The decree has undergone a legal block on the same evening of its entry into force and at the moment, the situation is in stand-by.

Several multinationals decided to take advantage of their airtime during the show as a window to support multiculturalism and the integrationist spirit that made America great.

#1 Lady Gaga

Protagonist of this year halftime show, Lady Gaga did not say a word about Donald Trump leading the country, she let her songs speak for her. In her 13' show Lady Gaga debuted with This Land Is Your Land, extremely patriotic lyrics now turned as a anthem for anti-governments protesters all over America and with Born This Way whose verses extol equality fot he LGBT movement.
Oh, a drone army painted the American flag over Hudson.

#2 Airbnb "We accept"

Airbnb introduced its new campaign #weaccept in contrast to the presidential decision to block access at the United States to war refugees. The text that appears superimposed leaves nothing to immagination, "We believe no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love or who you worship, we all belong. The world is more beautiful the more you accept". 

#3 84 Lumber "The Entire Journey"

Unknown to most, 84 Lumber is a US giant in building's suplies and its commercial for the Super Bowl has been censored by FOX - which holds the rights to the game - for the presence of a wall on the border between Mexico and the United States similar to the one desired by the new president. We suggest you the full version.

#4 Budweiser "Born the Hard Way"

Strongly patriotic, Budweiser company celebrates its origins by staging the path of its founder Adolphus Busch while emigrating from Hamburg to the United States.

#5 Coca Cola "It's beautiful"

Probably THE multinational, Coca Cola surprised everyone by broadcasting one of its old advertise aired both at Super Bowl 2014 and Rio Olympics. In It's beautiful the iconic song America The Beautiful is sung in different languega and by people of different genders and nationality. The new anthem for multicultarilsm.