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Keeping up with the Wests


Keeping up with the Wests #FACTS

Taylor Swift vs Kanye West part 2

Between the Chicago rapper and the American country-pop artist there has been a previous contentious during the award ceremony of the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009. When she was nominated for Best Video Of The Year, Kanye revealed his support to Beyoncé, climbing on stage and stealing the microphone to the young and unfazed Taylor.

Seven years later the situation is likely to fall again, because of the lyrics of Famous which read: "I feel as if I could still have sex with Taylor / Why? I made famous that bitch". Swift family members and friends have been taking a position, such as Gigi Hadid, who wrote on her Twitter profile: “My attendance somewhere doesn’t  mean I agree with everything being said. My friends know my loyalty"; while the singer’s brother posted a video on Instagram while throwing a pair of shoes signed by the rapper in the trash. Taylor Swift herself seems to have responded to the rapper during the speech made after triumphing with her 1989 at the Grammy Awards 2016, saying: "There will be people who will want to take possession of your success, hinder you, take credit for things you do you or your fame. Concentrate on your job, do not let these people win“.


The personal debts of $53 million

Kanye recently published a tweet that shocked many and raised several questions, claiming to have a personal debt of $53 million. TMZ Reports said that of course Kanye has spent a lot of money to promote himself, but he is not in debt of $53 million, and the site's sources admit that that amount would be the amount of money spent by Kanye for his three Yeezy seasons. The rapper then tweeted that billionaires and "hedge fund guys" have contacted him to invest and promote his projects. It was also reported by Kanye himself who did not get any profit from the creation of the first collaboration with Nike, because he had financed the project himself.


The financial aid asked to Mark Zuckerberg 

In one of his most recent tweets, Kanye asked Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion in his ideas - calling himself with his usual modesty as "the greatest artist of all time" - asking for help to his fans for attract the attention of Zuckerberg. “Mark I’m asking for your help publicly" begs Kanye, but for now it seems to remain a wish.


Kanye and 100 Grammys before dying

Kanye stressed that he published My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Watch The Throne - in collaboration with Jay-z - in a single year, and he wasn’t nominated for the Grammy. Now he declares his desire and ambition by tweeting "I will have more than 100 Grammys before I die".


Tidal #1 App thanks to Kanye 

Just as he implored the founder of Facebook to invest in his ideas, Kanye has also pleaded with fans who wanted to hear the new album to subscribe to Tidal platform - the only music service where you can listen and download The Life Of Pablo. After a few hours of the request by Kanye via Twitter, Tidal has become the number one downloaded app in the US. Recall that Tidal is a service of Jay-z property that had previously also had the exclusive ANTI, the new Rihanna album.


The official thanks to adidas

In many tweets West thanked adidas for having believed in the ideas and in Kanye’s projects, for having realized his dream to show at Madison Square Garden and for having produced his Season 1 and 3.


The promises made for a better world

After declaring to have a personal debt of $ 53 million, Kanye has specified that he needs additional money to realize his projects and at the same time take care of his family. The rapper believes he is underestimated as celebrity, but his determination could change the situation. Kanye promises he will make the world a better place, that everything he has created so far is only a small taste of what he will do in the future. He also stated several times his desire to become Hermès creative director admitting that fashion for him is a serious issue, not a game.


Pablo? Paul? Paolo?

Several websites and blogs have reported that the Pablo title of the new album could be Pablo Picasso or Pablo Escobar, but his latest tweets suggest it might be the Apostle Paul. His tweet said that he was "the greatest messenger of the first century", "traveler", "carrying messages to the rest of the world", "saved from persecution during his Roman citizenship", all these short descriptions seem to suggest that Apostle Paul is the genius he paints.