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Hello Brooklyn #3 - L.A.

The new wave of girls in rap

Hello Brooklyn #3 - L.A. The new wave of girls in rap

Research and evolution are the perfect words to describe L.A. aka Latasha Alcindor: singer, songwriter, rapper, poet and model born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.

The music business has been changing a lot in the latest years, most of all mainstream Hip-Hop where women seem to have lost their essence and all they got left is their own bodies used as a weapon of success. Searching always leads to positivity and in this third issue of Hello Brooklyn we’ll deal with an upcoming artist that is currently performing several times a week in some of the greatest clubs of NYC, building herself an amazing audience and thousands of followers.

Latasha is an artist from A to Z who’s able to hypnotize the crowd and create a whole atmosphere that only few performers all able to do. One of L.A’s most famous tracks is called The Island and it was released a few months ago in magazines such as Respect Magazine and AFROPUNK. Today we’ll release for the first time in Europe her new music video called Talk My S**t, an hymn to simplicity and the importance of words.

If you’re looking for authenticity and realness then go check L.A aka Latasha Alcindor, you won’t regret it.

#1 Who is Latasha Alcindor? 

Latasha Alcindor aka LA is the girl on the stoop with superpower. She is da homey. She is honest, raw, fun, but is deeply is seeking to shift the paradigm of spirit through her art. I am an extrovert introvert so I never tell everyone everything cause most things are between myself and the most highs. Oh and I can rap damn good. Lol But I don't like to say I'm a rapper. I'm an artist who utilizes her passion of hip hop and spirit to tell stories, poetry and whatever the hell I feel. I can do whatever I want and I want to teach that to everyone. Everything is an illusion and we control this reality. Just believe.

#2 Maturing as a woman and evolving as an artist: how does this affect your music?

My stories are changing. I'm getting more personal and looking deeper into my womanhood, my family, my experiences and the reasons why I am becoming who I am. It's also allowing to me to be more simple, because the older I'm becoming the more I'm realizing simplicity will sometimes reach the core of a soul more than a whole 500 bars rap of rapid fire

#3 Three important things you always do before a live show?

 Drink whiskey and honey. Pray. Walk around the house and

#4 Is there anything you would change in music business nowadays? 

FUCK THE MUSIC BUSINESS. Lol. Nah, I think I would just ask that it did more for the development of young artists and didn't look for when artists pop to sign them. There is so so so so much talent out here, it makes no sense why I have to listen to the same music over and over again. It's like they are ignoring gold on purpose. But we will change that soon. I still believe

#5 Between fire, water, wind and earth, how would you describe your energy?

I think I am all the three elements together. I'm like Mother Nature, I am different phenomenon in relation to the need of the time. All women are Mother Nature in the end.

#6 Are there other female artists who have particularly inspired you?

Musically speaking I got inspired by a lot of women artists, for example MIA, Tina Turner, Janet Jackson, Lil Kim and Lauryn Hill. In general I listen basically to everyting and I'm very sensitive towards any kind of sound so I'd say it also depends on the phase I'm living.

#7 How did you come up with the song "Talk My Shit" and the video afterwards? 

Awww man, "Talk my shit" was made almost two years ago. I was holding on to for a while because of uncertainty about myself and the art and also just timing. A couple months ago we finally finished the edit and I decided it was time to give that raw form of myself and my homies just kicking it and giving bar after bar after bar. The song is about a small chunk of reason why I do what I do within my music, and that is for Blackness, Womanhood and showing that I believe no matter the adversity and what societal norms say about what an artist should be, we are going to make success happen

#8 How do you see yourself at 50?  

Well, firstly when I'm 50, I'll be in Jamaica, under a waterfall sipping pink champagne and taking care of emails lol. And in those emails are questions I'm answering about my companies and also an email about performing for an old-school reunion tour with all my favorite artists friends. The companies will be assisting other artists follow their vision and find space to do so through a home, through a studio, or through a stage. I want to create artists residencies and also free programs for kids who never had the opportunity to create art of their own kind. I want to help the silenced find a voice. So all this art I am making will fuel that and then some.

Listen to L.A. here.