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A$AP Rocky has just released the video for ‘Babushka Boi’

New music from the rapper after the Swedish detention

A$AP Rocky has just released the video for ‘Babushka Boi’ New music from the rapper after the Swedish detention

After the trailer published in recent days, the official video of the new single, alienating, cartoonized and dystopic as we had imagined watching the preview.

It has been a pretty crazy couple of months for A$AP Rocky. The American rapper has recently become the protagonist of an international diplomatic indecent that saw the intervention of Donald Trump himself who openly required the release of the rapper from the Swedish jail after the incident with a fan in Stockholm that resulted into alleged aggression. We reported on the whole incident here, and now that the case is officially closed, with a conviction but without incarceration, Rocky seems ready to return to his main business: music.
Less than two hours ago Flackho has in fact published both on Instagram and YouTube a video entitled Babushka Boi (Trailer #1). The title is a clear nod to one of the most iconic and recognizable accessories of Rocky’s style, that printed and lavish scarf worn wrapped around the head, which has made him one of the most stylish rappers of all times.

The visual opens with the question ‘Why does this black boy wear a babushka’, followed by a frame that sees A$AP behind the bars - a not so subtle reference to the recent Swedish imprisonment? - followed by strange characters with distorted faces whose words are dubbed in Russian. Flackho later starts dancing in a style halfway between tip tap and hip hop, while wearing a checkered suit, light blue shirt and a babushka, of course. The whole video has a kind of ‘50s flavor to it, especially for the costumes and the setting, which is pleasantly in contrast with the music in the background.It’s not clear yet whether this is the preview of Rocky’s upcoming new single or album, or if this could even be the first sneak peek of a wider project, like a short movie. We’ll have to wait for Flackho’s next move. Stay tuned on nss magazine for all the updates.