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Side Baby presents "Arturo" at Side House in Milan

Releasing his first solo album with a 3-day open event in Milan

Side Baby presents Arturo at Side House in Milan  Releasing his first solo album with a 3-day open event in Milan

After leaving Dark Polo Gang and facing his addiction problems, Side Baby has released today Arturo, his first solo album for Island Records / Universal Music.
Arturo means a radical change from Side's turbulent past. With Medicine, he had started an introspective journey with almost emo-trap sounds and personal and profound texts. Side Baby seeks the balance between the poses of the trap and an intimacy in which many listeners will identify themselves because, naturally, he tells a daily life made up of insecurities of which it becomes aware and wounds to which it reacts.
The album has 11 tracks, with nine productions by The Night Skinny and two by Sick Luke.
The featuring are two, both of valuable: Luchè and Guè Pequeno.
The last track Arturo contains all the intimacy of the disc: it opens with a vocal message by Raffaella Lebboroni - the mother of Side Baby and a well-known actress - who congratulates her son for the "long journey" just ended.



01 Freddo (feat. Luchè) 
02 Ghiaccio 
03 Jappone 
04 Lei dice 
05 Frecciarossa (feat. Guè Pequeno) 
06 Mostro 
07 Non ci sei tu 
08 RIP 
09 Sempre 
10 Plutone 
11 Arturo


The Side House In Milan

For the promotion of the album, Side Baby is opening the Side House, a two day open event to will give fans an intimate access to the roman rapper. 
The space located in Alzaia Naviglio Grande 38, in the heart of the Navigli area of Milan, it is divided into 3 different areas used respectively as temporary shops and events space, as well as a real house where the artist will live throughout the period event. A concept that reflects the intimate aspect of the album and that will give the possibility to the fans to have a direct contact with the artist.
Through the artist's website, the public can lurk what happens inside the Side House 24 hours a day, thanks to a closed-circuit camera system that will broadcast live streaming. Internally there will be a bar with cafeteria service during the day and, in the evening hours, with alcohol.
Here's the complete program:

Friday 19th

15:00 Talk w/ Noisey: “A question for Arturo” 
14:00 > 20:00 16:00 Talk w/ ACOF: “La moda”
17:00 Talk w/ Dark Meme Gang & Chiamarsi MC 
19:00 > 23:59 Party Dj set w/ Slait, Egreen, Chiamu, Sgamo, Goodboi

Sabato 20 Aprile 14:00 > 20:00

Playstation NBA Live tournament
Skate Show
“ARTURO” Live show 
Firmacopie / Meet & Greet 
Dj set w/ Closelisten

Cover Image by Paolo Ciriello