Tauro Boys - the freshest Italian trap-romantic collective - will perform a free live in Milan at the FILA's event for the FILA DSTR97's re-launch on Thursday 31 January at SuperStudio Più in via Tortona in Milan. It will be one of the few chanches to see YANG PAVA, PRINCE and MAXIMILIAN performing live for free, you just need register for the event at this link.

Don't miss the free Tauro Boys Live Show in Milan Tomorrow @SuperStudio Più, via Tortona Milan | Image 0

The FILA's night dedicated to one of the most iconic sneakers created by the Italian brand, will be shaken by a line up a DJs: Argentina's Baby Girl, Tommy Gold and GIAD.
The theme of the party resumes the racing inspiration of the DSRT97 (dragster) for an evening of streetwear music and gaming. Tauro Boys will be special guests at the moment when their cool and melancholy sound of Tauro Tape and Tauro Tape2 is touring Italy and entering the mainstream of music.
This fall we talked with the Rome-born trio about their success, hopes and musical inspirations for the release of their first album for Thaurus.
If you want to revise a bit here is the interview:

See you on Thursday evening at SuperStudio Più in via Tortona in Milan from 7 pm to 12 am. To participate click HERE.