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Tauro Boys drop a new video

"NAPOLI" directed by the NOTEXT company is a mini masterpiece of contemporary aesthetics

Tauro Boys drop a new video NAPOLI directed by the NOTEXT company is a mini masterpiece of contemporary aesthetics
Guido Borso

One of the hottest names in the new wave of Italian trap at the moment is without a doubt Tauro Boys. The trio from Rome - composed of YANG PAVA, PRINCE, and MAXIMILIAN plus the producer CLOSE LISTEN, that after dropping their super-hyped TauroTape2 album last year, today sees the release of the latest visual from the record with the video for big hit NAPOLI. A small masterpiece of contemporary aesthetics. Shot in a mountain location, unconventional for a song that speaks of Naples, Milan, and London - The track which is produced once again by Close Listen, sees the boys alternate between real life and 3D animated versions of themselves, with a mix of night shots and distorted camera effects.

For the realization of the video, Tauro boys have employed various personalities within the new wave of creative Milanese. The direction is taken care of by the company NOTEXT which has long collaborated with Virgil Abloh and is becoming one of the most interesting creative firms in video communication thanks to the psychedelic and avant-garde touch of Alvin Sonic and Loris Gentile. The styling was curated by Curzio Cremaschi while the heavy and immersive 3D effects were made by Michele Zanotti and the graphic design edited by Yuri Kaban.

The music of the Tauros in combination with these creative personalities represent a real new aesthetic wave that from the underground of Milan is rapidly conquering Italy and maybe in the future will make the big leap to the global market.

Photos by Guido Borso