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You are Tauro Boys

Have you listened to 'Tauro Tape 2' yet?

You are Tauro Boys Have you listened to 'Tauro Tape 2' yet?

There's a new hot name in town and its name is TAURO BOYS. A group to definitely watch out for in 2019 which is composed by YANG PAVA, PRINCE and MAXIMILIAN, who with the support of artists such as Carl Brave, managed to turn thoughts into hits, releasing Tauro Tape, their first ever EP, last December 2017 produced by Close Listen.

After spending almost a year touring around Italy, their second album Tauro Tape 2 has been dropped last Thursday. But the real question is: do we actually have to give it a go and listen to yet another group of young emerging rappers? The answer is YES. Why? Because TAURO BOYS don't brag about how many jewels they have, they do not talk about how they've started from the bottom, they do not cruise around town in a Lamborghini but instead they are grateful to women, they love them and, most of all, they learn from them. In fact, we all are TAURO BOYS.

If you pay attention to Tauro Tape 2's lyrics, you'll realize that these twenty-year-olds in their young existence have already loved and suffered plenty of times, lived fully without ever underestimating feelings, never ending up throwing insults against the girl with whom they had a bad break-up. In Red Wine they would die for love even if she's not that in love. In Tempo (Time) they explain that you need to know when you have to let go because it makes no sense to keep the relationship going if you feel in a cage.

In La droga è femmina (Drug is Female) they confess that they do not know how to stay without a woman, but in the end friends are the most important thing ("Now I miss the Boys, let's organize a meeting").

Tauro Boys are able to do with their songs what often many of us cannot: let go of the grudge at the end of a relationship with the wish that their ex-partner will be finally happy again. They made music their therapy, they cry out their sadness and Tauro Tape 2 is an universal manifesto of all of us broken-hearted. Perhaps the solution to love disappointments is keep your friends close. Internet ci ha solo divisi (The Internet has torn us apart) because we all have been jealous at least once for our lover's Instagram activity and in Dieci ragazze (Ten Girls), although he has given her all the Love he could “Ti ho dato un valore, amore, così grande che non ne conosco di più", this girl will be never happy. 

It makes no sense to avoid crying, you're a man if you love, suffer, proudly showing your feelings. You have to be grateful that you have spent time with that special person even if she hurt you, as she turned you into the beautiful person that you are today.

If you have not listened to them yet, Tauro Tape 2 was released on Friday and you can find it on Spotify.