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I Miei Migliori Complimenti and the Italian indie music scene

We spoke to the Milanese breakthrough artist about its new EP

I Miei Migliori Complimenti and the Italian indie music scene We spoke to the Milanese breakthrough artist about its new EP

Behind one of the most interesting music project of the last few years there's a former Bocconi student who started by rapping at 13 years old, and then managed to create his own version of pop music. Walter Ferrari aka I Miei Migliori Complimenti 'is music made with a Mac that deals with love like that time I ran out of data and we texted until 3 am'. His song Colazione da Gattullo has become a little classic of the Italian indie scene, and after the success of the EP Le disavventure di Walter e Carolina, IMMC dropped a few days ago his latest work, Le Cose Cambieranno. The new EP was anticipated by Inter-Cagliari, the anthem of all the Milan kids who love to live the night to the fullest. 

We reached Walter to ask him about his new project, his beloved Milan and his future plans. 
Here's what he told us. 


#1 How was this EP born and what inspired you the most? 

I started writing it while I was in China, in 2015. I was living on a cot at the 22nd floor of a building and I was studying Chinese Start-up Development. The song I wrote at that time is Mathilda e Futura, because I was missing Milan and I still had to hang out the washing. The things that inspire me are always the same: the quotes of my friends. 


#2 Is there another close relationship at the core of these songs, another Carolina? 

This EP is different from the first one. It's like a Tv series where every episode is self-contained. 


#3 Milan is a recurrent theme in your work. With which parts of the city do you feel the closest, besides the now well-known Gattullo? 

El Gainatt dei Navigli (hi Bobby), Rocket (hi Massi), Rainbow (hi Berry, hi Eli). 

#4 What do you think of the current Italian indie scene? And, above all, do you feel you belong to that world? 

I'm starting to like less and less stuff. As everythibg that's trendy, we're heading to saturation. Music-wise I do pop, in fact you're interviewing me, and not the magazines who deal with indie. But I'm indie in everything else. 


#5 Last week you performed in Milan at Circolo Ohibò. Are you about to start a tour around Italy? 

Le cose cambieranno is also the name of a tour. We have a few gigs around Italy between the end of the year and the beginning of 2019. If on the 14th of December you're in Treviso, on the 20th in Rome or on the 21st in Caserta, I'll see you there. 


Le Cose Cambieranno is now available on Spotify. 
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