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Mìlan Loves Napulè

What to expect from Pino d'Angiò's live show at Plastic

Mìlan Loves Napulè What to expect from Pino d'Angiò's live show at Plastic

Milan and Naples may seem like two diametrically opposed cities: customs, traditions, colors and food identify two distant realities, that are close together thanks to an ideal: music. Naples is an icon of funk, of the warm sound of the 80s. Milano has a faster, more pulsating, more synthesized sound that resulted in the splendour of Italo Disco. Both helped to make the Italian sound of the 80s unique, recognizable, in some ways pure avant-garde, and both can be identified as two capitals of Italian music.

"Milan Loves Napulè" is born from the desire to strengthen the bridge that unites the two cities. The party set up by Anna Molly and Soul Express is the celebration of two cities that look to the future without neglecting the past, that evolve and change, but do not forget their roots. In this second event we'll have on the one hand the Neapolitan Pino D'Angiò, world icon of Disco and Italian Funk, on the other the Plastic, world icon of clubbing made in Italy - founded by the late Lucio Nisi in 1980. The live albums by Anna Molly Soundsystem, Thanksmate Tommiboy, Fritto Misto, Ritmo Posato Animals Don't Dance and Big Cinquantero will accompany the live, as well as the selection of drinks specially made and Neapolitanized by Masterchedo. A unique way to fuel a special connection, or perhaps the only possible way to bring the two cities together. To fully understand this synergy - and to learn more about the mood of the party on Friday November 22nd at Plastic - nss magazine asked "Milan Love Napulè" what the fundamental records of the party will be.

Oro - Sasà (1983)

One of the most iconic tracks of Naples' sound, recently included in the compilation Napoli Segreta (curated by DNapoli, Nu Guinea, Pilgrim and Discocristiana Family). The 80s are the years that bring to the fore the warm sound of the made in Naples dico music: after the war the contaminations of black music invade the city, arriving for the first time in Italy right through the capital of Campania. These are the years of Rosso Napoletano by Tony Esposito, the years of La Smorfia di Troisi, those that will indelibly mark the sound of an era and the aesthetics of a city.

Napoli Centrale - Acquaiuò l'Acqua è Fresca (1992)

Pure poetry in the form of groove. This is what James Senese (along with Pino Daniele, Toni Esposito, Tullio De Piscopo) and Franco Del Prete created when they found Napoli Centrale - named after the Naples railway stop - becoming the Italian translation of the giants of jazz Coltrane, Davis and the Weather Report. It's the Napoli Centrale that shall guarantee the birth of what will go down in history as "Neapolitan Power", eclectic rhythms and melodies are added to iconic Neapolitan lyrics, between a sax or a bass solo.

Pino D'Angiò - Una Notte da Impazzire (1981)

It's not as famous as "Che Idea," but a "Una notte da impazzire" is a real banger: lyrics and melody that despite being 38 years old still sound incredibly contemporary. One of the masterpieces of Pino D'Angiò and a testament to all that his music and his aesthetic represented, which also thanks to the explosion of Napoli Sound generated by Nu Guinea, is currently one of the most played tracks in disco and Funk Clubs in all italy. A fitting tribute to a living legend.

Ornella Vanoni - Ti Voglio (1977)

Present on the 1977 album "Io Fuori", "Ti Voglio" by Ornella Vanoni is one of the disco songs made in Milan that best represent their era. Curated by a young Ornella Vanoni and arranged by the New Trolls, it has recently become a soundtrack to festivals such as Dekmantel (and more) after Jamie XX played it in the Selectors stage during an unforgettable 3-hour set.

Fred Ventura - The Years (1985)

With "The Years" the sound cools down and Milan becomes electronic, a city that many know better and that most have learned to appreciate. Synthesizers and English lyrics, this piece by Fred Ventura represents the Milan of concrete booming economically. Money, high pace and anthem dedicated to the road, the asphalt. A music to dance to all night long until the first "morning lights, alright".

In addition, the mixologist Masterchedo, creator of the drink list, and the legedary Pinky shot a promotional video for the evening.