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Interview with Coma_Cose

For the launch of the last Timberland project "Unlock the City"

Interview with Coma_Cose For the launch of the last Timberland project Unlock the City

Yesterday evening we went to meet Francesca and Fausto, or rather, Coma_Cose, on the occasion of the launch of the new project signed Timberland, Unlock the City. In fact, the two singers, together with the rapper Rkomi, Carl Brave and Dj Shablo, performed an evening concert at the Fabbrica Orobia, protagonists of a new adventure together with Timberland. Focus? The city, energetic, frenetic, constantly moving.

The Coma_Cose duo is composed of two guys who, through the sound (which they call) urban attitude, speak of chaos and common problems, about Milan but without being Milanese. He's from Brescia, she from Pordenone, they met when they worked in a store and from there it all started. 9 published singles, but without an album because, as they say, every song has its own story, while an album must be a concept and not a collection.

You have to listen to the Coma_Cose if you want to feel the rhythmical thoughts that whisk you in the head, they are many and chaotic, but especially if you like to relax with a cigarette and a beer sitting poised on the edge of Darsena.

Francesca and Fausto talked to us a bit about themselves, about music, about Timberland and about the sense of "French Fries, patatine".

#1 You have been chosen by Timberland because you're artists that are particularly influential today. What do you think Coma_Cose is able to give more than others to the Italian music scene?

Francesca: There's a lot of poetry in Coma_Cose, that's what we always try to do.

Fausto: We usually use an urban and contemporary language. In writing we try to add brushstrokes that recreate the past, to recover an Italian heritage of songwriting that we try to combine with something more contemporary. The irony is one of our bases, if you know how to use it well it allows you to say things that are bitter, thorny but in a more protected way.


#2 It is possible to know Milan through your texts. It is often mentioned, with its streets, the bars, but not always positive, it seems there is almost a battle with this metropolis...

Francesca: Well, yes, because in the end, we are strangers, we were not born here, so we live as outsiders. We like it, but it is never 100% our home.

Fausto: We are quite transparent, so I think anyone in the morning bottled up in traffic or without parking hates his city of a moment. But then when you pass the Navigli and you feel in Paris it's so beautiful. There is love and there is hatred but moreover as in all the things that we like.

Francesca: We try to be honest in all the things we do, so we want to communicate that everything is not always beautiful.


#3 So you're city-guys, so was natural for you to immerse yourself in this project together with Timberland. Why do you think Timberland chose you?

Fausto: First of all because we are beautiful. Then because the city is the fulcrum around which all our emotions take shape that we then try to turn into music. We are very happy to have been chosen, but not too amazed because in the other hand, we are a part of the urban reality, in all its facets.


#4 Your look is mostly total black, over jackets and sneakers. How did the style of Coma_Cose meet the Timberland one?

Fausto: Yes, we are so much "total blackkeggianti"! Our stylistic choices are often influenced by the fact that we are a duo, we like this concept of dressing in the same way. So, from the moment we have so many things but different colors, we have only the black in common so we have opted for that. Timberland is however a historical brand.

Francesca: Definitely, Timberland reminds me for example 2Pac. 

Fausto: They were all very nice, they give us a wardrobe from which we then chose what belonged to us the most. Immediately we selected the over jacket, a garment that we love to show off during the concerts. We like the basic style, as well as the technician.

#5 We need to know what is the true meaning of: "...Ti ho portata sul Naviglio con in mano un bicchiere di sale", "...abbiamo un'anima lattina" and why "French Fries, patatine"?

Francesca: the first is definitely a poem in style "I wanted to give you the sea, but I only have water and salt"

Fausto: "Abbiamo un'anima lattina" refers to "Anima Latina" by Battisti.

Francesca: Although we really like beer, we liked it as a word game. "French fries, patatine" well, it's magical to do a live show and hear everyone singing and screaming "French fries, patatine" jumping.

Fausto: A few years ago there was a bum of chips kiosks, they were everywhere, but who eats all these chips? We felt the need to talk about it in a song, we just put it, without a real reason.


#6 Coma_Cose are the new Prozac+ really?

Francesca: Mmm no.

Fausto: They are friends, they immediately understood our irony writing that verse, they have a little "march" attitude in which we find ourselves very much.

Francesca: But they are friends, I'm from Pordenone too... we laughed all together about this.