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Interview to Mecna - his last album and his style

Is the fashion so influential for music?

Interview to Mecna - his last album and his style Is the fashion so influential for music?

Lungomare Paranoia is the title of new album by the Italian rapper Mecna. We asked him a few questions to find out more about his album and especially his opinion about the influence that today fashion has on the music.

#1 Your last album “Lungomare Paranoia” has recently been published, an album that seems really intimate, even more than the previous ones. What did you want to communicate? And where does such a strong title come from?
I do not know what I wanted to tell. Every time I make a record I don’t have a specific purpose other than to put in it my experiences and my life, that's why in my lyrics there are a lot of names and concrete things. The title is a summary of my favourite thing, the sea during the winter, the sea that I often watch from the window of the train that takes me from Milan to Foggia, the city I left 10 years ago now.

#2 What you feel as the piece (yours or of other artists) that represents you the most, in terms of lyrics, music and imagery reference?
It's always difficult to answer to such a question. But I would say that "Background" of Bassi Maestro was one of the songs that helped me choose my artistic career. "Dispenso rime d’amore su beat tristi" I wish I wrote it myself. 

#3 Is there a track in the album that you're most fond of? Why?

I'm torn between "Despite being" and "Happy Birthday." But I think "Happy Birthday" because I remember having written it in no time, all in one go, like a speech, as if I was were to someone. I'm happy with the result because I believe it is a sincere piece and then I'm happy of havin been able to express how I hate birthdays, especially mine.

#4 Talking about fashion, or rather, style. Tell us about you: what is your source of inspiration?
I'm pretty interested in it, although not being a fanatic. Let's say that I love streetwear, even if my hypebeast moment finished time ago. Can I say that I was the first to wear Supreme in an Italian video? No eh? Perhaps Quagliano...S**t.  However lately I have had enough of super brands, I buy monochrome GILDAN and Champions, promising my self to print things over them but then I realize they’re always better as they are.

#5 Nowadays, do you think it's really important for an artist to choose his own style or a unique look to represent him?
I think it has always been now it is simply necessary.

#6 The new Italian (t)rap scene seems more inclined to talk about fashion, brands and trademarks. One thing that in the American rap has always been more present. You don’t have problems with mentioning the brand that you love in your lyrics. What do you think about it?
The only times I named some brands were the ones I wanted to describe the brand of shoes or clothes that remain on the ground when you undress and make love. But yes, I like to mention brands because they explain so much of a person and in the songs I use them to tell more about me. For example, the first thing I look for in a girl are the shoes, if she wears heels I keep walking. If she wears sneakers, let's talk.Did I went off-topic?

#7 How far does fashion influence music and vice versa in your opinion?
I believe there is a close connection between fashion and music. Look at Supreme, OFF-WHITE and VLONE, to name a few. There is a constant exchange of energy between artists and designers, which probably starts from merchandising and then evolves in reality far more structured and successful.

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February 18
- Santeria Social Club - MILANO - (Sold Out) 
March 03 - Hiroshima Mon Amour - TORINO
March 04 - Casa della Musica - NAPOLI 
March 10 - New Age Club - Roncade, TREVISO 
March 11 - Locomotiv Club - BOLOGNA 
March 18 - Afterlife Live Club - PERUGIA 
March 25 - Fab - PRATO
March 31 - Quirinetta - ROMA 
April 01 - Latteria Molloy - BRESCIA 
April 07 - Crazy Bull - GENOVA 
April 08 - Casa delle Arti - Conversano, BARI 
April 16 - Onyx Club - Godo, RAVENNA
April 21 - B-Side - COSENZA 
April 22 - People Disco Club - CATANZARO 
April 23 - Barbara Disco Lab - CATANIA 
April 29 - Campus Industry Music - PARMA