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Interview with DrefGold

Waiting for his live show during the next Nameless Music Festival

Interview with DrefGold Waiting for his live show during the next Nameless Music Festival

A bit "Boss" a bit "Kanaglia", a little bit Elia a little bit Dref, the young Italian rapper is riding the wave of success between new singles and millions views on YouTube.

Member of BillionHeadz Music Group - record label created by Sfera Ebbasta and Charlie Charles - he's a mix of three factors that, in a very short time, have ensured DrefGold fame and success in the national trap scene: youth (but the best part of it, cheerful, made of irony and desire to make music), style (with Nike Air Max 270, colored dreads and oversize sunglasses that make him very eye-catching) and lots of "freshness".


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Next weekend DrefGold will perform live during the well-known Italian festival Nameless, in Lecco, together with other "colleagues" of the trap and rap scene for a fire line-up! We asked him some questions about him, his city, Nameless and Sfera. Read there:


#1 This is your first experience at Nameless, have you ever participate to this Festival as a spectator? What do you think of these musical initiatives bringing on the same stage artists of the Italian scene and, specifically, the hip-hop / trap world? All friends or tensions behind the scenes?

Yes first time at Nameless and we are loads! We support ourselves a lot behind the stage. There is obviously tension for the stage and to face the audience, but we laugh and joke a lot. It's important that you get along with your colleagues.


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#2 Are you more a "Boss" or a "Kanaglia"?

Both! My songs at the end tell the person that I am. I am a portrait of what I am in everyday life.


#3 You will be able to get on the stage on the day of June 2nd with your fellow Sfera Ebbasta. How is your relationship with him?

Sfera and I have known each other for a while! He was the one who gave me the opportunity to realize my journey. He believed immediately in me and in my music and I entered as the first artist his BHMG label. Besides the fact that we did a track together Sciroppo in his latest album (Rockstar ed).


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#4 Ever since you were 14, you enjoyed rapping in school with your crew: what was special about that time? A carefree mood that then went missing with fame and the many commitments of today?

There was the desire to break the world, to emerge in a society that did not listen to us. Music was the only chance to express ourselves.


#5 Bologna-Milan, Milan-Bologna. You are people very devoted to your birth city: what has meant for you to leave it? And why did you choose Milan? 

I am very attached to Bologna, there is my family, there are the people I love. It is not a abandonment because I come back  very willingly. But today my second home is Milan. I find myself very well here and this city is giving me opportunities that Bologna could not offer me.