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Migos go full Narcos

In the latest video directed by Mr. Quavo

Migos go full Narcos In the latest video directed by Mr. Quavo

Winning the 14th place in the YouTube trends category in less than 24 hours, the Migos are back fiercer than ever with a new video for Culture II's third single, Narcos.
The video clip is clearly and devoutly inspired to the notorious tv series Narcos created by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro for the Netflix streaming platform that tell the story of Pablo Escobar legacy.

The video respects Narcos aesthetics: there is the villa with climbing plants on the walls and the fountain in the garden, there are striped shirts and wide collars, there are guns in the trousers and the beautiful girls in bikini, the dollars are transported by gluing them on the body with sticker and, ignoring the fact that Pablo Escobar did not wear a Gucci belt or diamond crosses around his neck, the Migos are the perfect embodiment of Narcos hip-hop and pseudo-ironic cast.

The video is third from the album Culture II - released five months ago - and is directed by Mr. Quavo, frontman of the same Migos, and the co-direction of Joseph Desrosiers, who worked with The Migos also for Stir Fry and Walk It Talk It.

Twist plot?
When the protagonists find themselves in the cliché-scene of the shoo inside a parking, producer DJ Durel and 21 Savage, armed with pistols, kal and golden Rolex, they throw themselves into the fray and flee to the edge of a big car.

Discover the new Narcos' video: