It is said that to learn how to win, it is necessary to learn to lose first.

A phrase that may have heard Quavo of Migos a few times, but that probably must have misunderstood in July 2017, when, during a live Instagram with his followers, he revealed that he had lost the hard drive with the songs of Culture 2, the sequel of the successful album Culture.

Un post condiviso da Migos (@migos) in data:

Today the wait is almost over, Culture 2 will arrive on January 26, but for what concerns the Migos, the period that separates the day yesterday from the day of release of Culture has been anything but in the name of low profile. Experts in dominating the social media conversation and in the construction of hype, from the direct Instagram to today, many things have happened. Quavo and Offset worked with solo projects - respectively Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho with Travis Scott and Without Warning with 21 Savage and Metro Boomin - we were blessed with new singles from the Atlanta trio and finally, since yesterday, we have a date official release.

What should we expect from the new project coming out on January 26th?

First of all: sales. Many sales.

Culture has been certified platinum in the States and from then on the clamor around the group has certainly not fallen, indeed. Considering this and adding to the increase in attention around the rap scene - since 2017 officially over rock as the genre most listened to in the United States - it is easy to predict an increase in popular feedback. Even more so if - as stated by Quavo in October - the project's executive director will have a thick name. The rumors say it's Kanye West. The mix of unexpected and cumbersome (see the single Motorsport with Cardi B and Nicki Minaj and Stir Fry produced by Pharrell) are in fact a characteristic feature of the Chicago artist and since the latter was seen leaving a building together with the Migos, the fans - despite the absence of confirmation - have fewer doubts.

And what about the features?

The tracklist has not yet been revealed yet, but some names are predictable. First of all Gucci Mane, almost fixed participation of every Migos project. This is followed by Travis Scott, 21 Savage and Metro Boomin, collaborators of the 2/3 solo projects of the group and who probably will not forget to provide some extra contribution to the Culture 2 cause. The door to the less predictable collaborations is then opened. Donald Glover enters first, aka Childish Gambino. A member of the group, the Redbone artist has been the definitive celebrator of the hit Bad and boujee, since the Golden Globe awarding speech for his Atlanta series, including the thanks to the Migos for their irresistible song.

Culture 2 promises to be one of the most important musical moments of 2018.
The time for a further expansion of the group is ripe and the hope is that this can be done with the support of quality work. The basics for this to happen are all there, given that infos, the Migos will also need to learn not to lose hard drives, but on knowing how to win they still have few, very few rivals.