The RRR Mob, or The Real Recognize Real Mob, is something completely new in Italy, and not just at the music level. The RRR Mob is the first group in Italy entirely composed of Italian artists of African origin: the second generation.

Their debut album, Nuovo Impero, is released today, sixteen powerful tracks for a cosmopolitan disc that screams loudly on the lives of young people from the second generation of Italians, dealing with issues such as social reparation, anger towards party ideas and discrimination less welcoming than society but also the sense of belonging and family that all of this creates and entails - especially within the Italian trap scene.

Familia is also the name of the track that today also released the new video with Gué Pequeno, in which the members of The RRR Mob, Laioung, Isi Noice, Momoney and Hichy Bangz, fully present not only their overwhelming musical strength rich in R'n'B references and Magellanic sounds, but also their aesthetics, strongly linked to the hip-hop imagination that echoes even in the style of the crew, from the shoes to the bold sunglasses.

Enjoy their new Familia video and be prepared to be overwhelmed.

Familia (Official Video, Explicit) by The RRR Mob & Guè Pequeno on VEVO.