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Discovering GVESVS

An exclusive making of Gué's new album

Discovering GVESVS An exclusive making of Gué's new album

Six months after Fastlife 4, Gué is back with a new album whose ambition shines through from the title, GVESVS. A reference to the biblical impact that the rapper has had on the Italian hip-hop scene, but also biographical, since Gué was born on December 25th. Coincidences? From his early days with Club Dogo to his solo career, Gué's work has set the path for an entire generation of rappers in Italy and beyond, breaking record after record but above all redefining the rules of the genre, finding new stimuli and new influences each time. From Il ragazzo d'oro in 2011, passing through Bravo Ragazzo two years later, up to Vero and Gentleman, Gué's work has gone from the trap soul to the Latin influences of Sinatra up to the musical majesty of Mr. Fini, conceived as a real auteur kolossal and yet another work that has become a timeless classic of the genre.

Waiting to listen to GVESVS, available from December 10th, the discovery of the new work of Guè passes through a series of behind-the-scenes videos between the stages of processing the disc within the creative process of Mr. Fini.

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