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What happened to Mtv EMA Awards 2017

The best moments

What happened to Mtv EMA Awards 2017 The best moments

In the mastodontic frame of the Wembley Arena in London, the 24th edition of the MTV EMA Awards took place.

As scheduled, Taylor Swift, with 6 nominations, did not bring home any prize, being cleared by young and talented Shawn Mendes. But the real highlight of the evening was the return to the stage of Eminem, winner of the Best hip-hop Artist, along with the superb U2 show at Trafalgar Square, awarded with the Global Global Prize.

This are the best moments of Mtv EMA Awards 2017!



#1 Travis Scott and his hippogriph

We know that Travis Scott is never banal and for this reason, rather than entertaining the London crowd from the simple stage, he chose to run on a red-blooded horse shoe.



#2 Stromzy Policeman

Considering the sympathy between Stormzy and London police, the London rapper, decided to come to Ewards with their car...



#3 The Eminem return

Eminem opens the MTV EMA Awards ceremony with Walk On Water, the first single extracted from his new job: Revival. To accompany him on stage, the grandiose Skylar Gray, co-author of the song.



#4 The immortals U2


After a 40-minute live on Trafalgar Square, the U2 arrives at the Wembley Arena. Announced by a Jared Leto, excitedly excited: "U2, you've changed my life," Bon, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mulle Jr. retreat the Global Icon World prize, delighting fans with two of their great classics: Get out of your own way and You're the best thing about.



#5 Best dressed

There is no better way to present the Ema Awards with a nice bathrobe. Ask to Rita Ora.



#6 Eyes Wide Shut

The eccentric Clean Bendit, have decided to perform with twenty masked players. Is it a tribute to Stanley Kubrick?



#7 George Michael


In closing, a tribute to George Michael with his Freedom show in the first edition of EMA (1994). An Oscar conclusion.