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Interview with Loco Dice

We talked to the German musician and DJ about musical influences, Naples, and about his relationship with fashion

Interview with Loco Dice   We talked to the German musician and DJ about musical influences, Naples, and about his relationship with fashion

In addition to being one of the most popular names in the techno scene, Loco Dice is a musician capable of breaking musical barriers between genres with a direct and natural approach. In his music, based on solid grooves inspired by hip hop, there is something for everyone, from the dreamers to those who want to get lost on a dance floor.  

We contacted him on the occasion of some of his Europe. 

Un post condiviso da Loco Dice (@locodiceofc) in data:


#1 Hey Dice, thank you for your time. I’d to start from the beginning: How has your childhood affected your music? What kind of musical education did you get?

There was so much music around me in my childhood. I grew up in a family that listened to everything from mezwed to Santana, but I didn’t have formal musical education. I learned in record stores, youth centers where I danced and played, from friends and great artists that I met over the years. It’s probably a classic passionate learning by doing approach.


#2 You’ve experienced many different styles of music and you’ve been influenced by many cultures. Do you think of yourself as “global DJ”?

Probably. I play around the world and I am still hungry for music. There’s a lot that I hear, I receive demos from so many countries, and I love to share that music with people.


#3 I know you also play football: who is your favorite team? And in which position do you play?

My favourite team is Fortuna Düsseldorf, football club from my home town. When I played football, I played defensive middle field, and sometimes attack.


#4 What did your hip-hop background give you that differs from electronic music?

Hip hop gave me a certain freedom in the way how I mix records. In terms of producing, it gave me open minded approach when it comes to beats, styles. Maybe something less schematic than in techno.


#5 How did Ibiza change your life? (If it did it)

Ibiza is one important chapter in my life. One of many chapters.


#6 Could you describe to us a normal Loco Dice day?

I wake up early on and the day begins with training and sports. Then I go to my office where I work on my label Desolat, and my merch line. Music is an essential part of a normal Loco Dice day, so I listen to demos and promos sent to me. Then I go to my studio and make music.  


#7 You’ve played many times in Naples. What do you love most about the city?

There is such special energy in Naples. Volcano, traffic, people, food, history of the city - it’s such unique combination. I always have a feeling that the whole city pulsates in its own rhythm like there is something in the ground below it. You can’t compare Naples with any other city in the world. It’s magic.


#8 We see you’re bringing your event series Serán Bendecidos to Milan soon also - what can the people expect?

Serán Bendecidos unties different characters and backgrounds. It brings positive energy, smiling faces, internationality, good vibes, and great music.


#9 How into fashion are you? And what did you like to wear the most?

I am not addicted to fashion, but I enjoy it a lot. I like to look for clothes, special items and to combine them in my own way. What I wear the most are caps and sneakers.


#10 After your collaboration with Daily Paper do have any other joint ventures upcoming?

Yes, there are projects like a concept store that will happen soon, which will be a collaboration. There are also plenty of other things in the pipeline, so stay tuned.


#11 You’re now a legend in house and techno, but do you remember your very first DJ set?

Oh yes, I remember my first DJ set. It was in a youth club in Düsseldorf Flingern in the early 90’s. I used to go there frequently and one day they kicked out their resident DJ, and they asked me to play. I was the kid in the hood who had music, because I used to spend all my money in record stores. I managed to keep people dancing, and that’s where all this began.


#12 Tell us something about your creative process: How does it work?

My creative process happens on my travels. I see so many things that inspire me, and I write down my ideas. Back home I like to work in a team, to talk, exchange, and from there things get shape. Music in my studio or other projects that I want to make happen.

Loco Dice plays the Paradise stage at The BPM Festival in Portugal on 15th September and Social Music City in Milan on 16th September.