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Everything you need to know about Drake's “More Life”

The Canadian rapper's “playlist project” released last March 18

Everything you need to know about Drake's “More Life” The Canadian rapper's “playlist project” released last March 18

After months of waiting and many hype posts on Instagram, Drake finally has released “More Life”, his new album. Pardon, it's not an album, but a “playlist project”, as the rapper has often emphasized, in which 22 new tracks (only “Freak Love” has been released in October 2016) create a harmonic mix of different sounds and styles who captures the listener until the end. And maybe it's the reason behind this Drake's music project, who involves a large number of musicians and producers that look like a Spotify playlist.

But this is just one aspect of “More Life”, here's everything you should know about it.

#1 The cover

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Probably you know “More Life”'s cover very well, which has been on our social for months. For who still doesn't know it, the man in the image is a young Dennis Graham, namely Drake's father.

#2 Featuring

The album is full of featuring with some of the hottest rappers of the moment. The name of Kanye West stands out the track “Glow”, but there are also Quavo and Travis Scott in the song “Portland”, and Young Thug and 2 Chainz together for “Sacrifices”, giving the right trap vibes to the playlist. Drake also wanted to involve the UK Grime by including in the project the rappers Giggs and Skepta, who appear two times. There is also the star of the moment, Sampha, who gave his touching voice for the track “4422”. Finally, also PARTYNEXTDOOR, Black Coffee and Jorja Smith featured with the Canadian rapper in the songs “Get It Together” and “Since Way Back”.

#3 Rumors

According to with some rumors, “More Life” could talk about the breakup between Drake and his last flame Jennifer Lopez. The clues are many, like the sample of the singer's track “If You Had My Love” used for “Teenage Fever”, and the more clear verse “I drunk text J-Lo / Old number, so it bounce back” into “Free Smoke”. Maybe Drake wants to tell us that the love story with the pop star is ended? Not only that, some people noticed a possible jab to Serena Williams, rapper's ex-girlfriend, in the track “Nothing Into Something” when he says “Did I just read that you just got engaged on me? / I heard from your friend, you couldn’t even tell me / Or better yet, wait on me… At least do I get an invitation or something / A statement or something / Ask about that, you would say it was nothing”, referring to the recent tennis player's engagement. 

#4 Fun-fact

The song “Can't Have Everything” includes a voicemail message from Drake's mother, Sandi, in which she quotes the famous Michelle Obama's slogan from 2016 “When others go low, we go high”. 

#5 Producers

Not only rappers, but also many successful producers have been involved during the making of “More Life”: even if Noah “40” has overseen the entire work, the playlist boasts the collaborations with producers Murda Beatz, Nana Rogues and UK Nineteen85, but also Hagler and Noah Goldstein, Kanye West's collaborator.