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Dr. Martens' new web series for Pride

A sharing platform for queer narrative

Dr. Martens' new web series for Pride  A sharing platform for queer narrative

Pride Generations is the name of Dr. Martens' first campaign focused on spreading the LGBTQIA+ community's own values. A cult model worn by a generation of activists, activists, and artists since the days of the Stonewall Riots, Dr. Martens shoes have been charged with significant value significance for the queer world. More than just a pair of shoes, to this day they continue to symbolize the commitment of a culture that relentlessly reflects on the identity and history of the queer community.It is for this reason that the Dr. Martens brand has devised a series directed by award-winning director Jess Kohl and produced by PRETTYBIRD, featuring some of the most compelling voices in the LGBTQIA+ world. Lady Phyll, co-founder of UK Black Pride and Lucia Blayke, founder of London Trans+ Pride are the stars of the first episode. 

They recount the journey of their activism, their personal backgrounds and the history of their organizations. The second episode, however, features Kia (artist and former mother of House of LaBaija) and Lee Soulja (founder of House of Soulja) as witnesses of the ballroom scene. The result was a sharing platform that does not stop at just celebrating the diversity of sexual orientations. Hence the commitment to actively support the queer community through donations to associations and organizations around the world. Akt in the UK, ReBit in Japan, LGBT Refuge in Italy: this year Dr. Martens donated more than £200,00 to support LGBTQIA+ charities.

The first episode is already available at this link