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The Airbnb contest to rent a house for one euro in Sicily

A new tourism model is being tested in Sambuca

The Airbnb contest to rent a house for one euro in Sicily A new tourism model is being tested in Sambuca

Airbnb has launched a new project to enhance the Italian villages, organizing a competition in which one person, two or perhaps an entire family will have the opportunity to "win" a (beautiful) for 1 euro in Sambuca, Sicily. Sambuca has become a model of urban regeneration, as it is the first village to propose the sale of decaying properties on a large scale at a symbolic price. Hundreds of new citizens from all over the world have repopulated the town by buying 125 houses after the depopulation that began in the 1960s with the Belice earthquake. Now in Sambuca, together with many Italians, there are Americans, Swiss and French who have changed nation and renovated houses in decay, thus also starting a completely new model of tourism.

Among those put up for sale by the Municipality asking buyers in exchange to renovate and enhance them, there was the villa proposed as a prize by Airbnb, reborn thanks to a meticulous project signed by the architecture studio Didea, in Palermo, which transformed it into a elegant design house, maintaining its original structure: on three floors, with a living room and master bedroom with bathroom on the ground floor, a kitchen, a study, two bathrooms and a mezzanine with a double bed on the first floor, and on the second and last floor another living area with sofa bed. A dream home for the price of a coffee for a year. "The beauty of this countryside is that it offers a second chance not only to an abandoned house in the heart of our village, but also to the person who moves there", said Leonardo Ciaccio, Mayor of Sambuca, also imagining the perfect host: "They must be like us, a little crazy and in love with the places, sounds and smells of this village, with everyday experiences. They should also have the desire to take part in daily life, such as the olive and grape harvest".

To submit your application, you must fill out the form on the Airbnb website by February 18th. The conditions for applying are to be over 18 years old, to be available to move to Sambuca for at least 3 consecutive months starting from 30 June 2022, with the possibility of bringing your family (maximum two adults and two children), and have a good knowledge of the English language. Candidates will then have to demonstrate that they want to rent a room in the house on Airbnb and the winner will be able to withhold all revenue from renting the room on the platform.