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Instatrend Alert – French Beret

10 cool ways to style it spotted on Instagram

Instatrend Alert – French Beret 10 cool ways to style it spotted on Instagram

The French beret has worked its way in silence. First it appeared on Marc by Marc Jacobs' catwalk last winter, in a kind of rock interpretation; then Astrid Andersen presented a much more street version of it; Gucci has risen it to the status of a representative hat for the Alessandro Michele era, proposing it in a thousand different colors and materials – felt, leather, latex and so on –; Chanel paraded it in Cuba, in an explosive cocktail of colors; Louis Vuitton gave it a more 'careless cool' feeling. On Instagram, it has worked its way almost unnoticed, but today we see it worn by every it-girl of the moment.

Forget the classic combination that might recall you 60s French movies, with blue and white striped shirt, and try to immerse yourself into a more underground atmosphere, think of a kind of beatnik style but with a 90s twist. The french beret requires a careless attitude and matching grunge sunglasses – oval, light and possibly with coloured lens. On the other hand, the alternative is to go for a strong contrast: French beret and a bold streetwear look, bright colours and references to the rave culture. For a more sophisticated yet current look, we need to look at  Gucci which revolutionise the classic good-girl look combining the French beret with entirely see-through (but still very refined) dresses.

We leave you with some inspirational outfit spotted on Instagram.


#1 Sita Abellan

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#2 Gala Gonzalez

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#3 Blanca Miro

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#4 Jude Liana

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#5 Alexandra Marzella

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#6 Lucia Cuesta

Una foto pubblicata da Lucia Cuesta (@luciacuesta_) in data:


#7 Louise Ebel


#8 Miranda Makaroff

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#9 Martina Nermin De Pretto


#10 Leandra Medine

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